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Snowden's Brilliance? The Loophole in Hong Kong's Extradition Law

Why Edward Snowden's flight to Hong Kong might be brilliant

The NSA whistleblower could exploit a loophole in the Chinese territory's asylum system to buy himself some valuable time.

HONG KONG — There are many reasons why NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's decision to come to Hong Kong could be foolish.

Hong Kong has an extradition treaty with the United States; its government is weak; its foreign policy is dictated by Beijing — no friend of free speech or internet freedom.

But there is at least one reason it could be incredibly shrewd: Hong Kong's asylum system is currently stuck in a state of limbo that could allow Snowden to exploit a loophole and buy some valuable time.


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Simon Young, director of the

Simon Young, director of the Centre for Comparative and Public Law at the University of Hong Kong, told GlobalPost that a decision delivered by Hong Kong's High Court in March of this year required the government to create a new procedure for reviewing asylum applications.

Until the government does this, he said, asylum seekers are allowed to stay in Hong Kong indefinitely.

What? You mean they actually have the rule of law in HK? Silly me, I thought it was extinct on this planet.

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you. Fortune Cookie

why do people want him to go to Iceland?


what I don't get it, is

WtF Didn't he just go to Iceland in the first place?!??!??!?!

might be a couple a few reasons

I get a feeling that the primary reason he looked at Asia in the first place could be simply because he was a fan of Asian culture. Reports said he ran some kind of anime site etc.

Then he might think he has intel that is interesting enough that the Chinese will not want to deport him. He's already said he has evidence the gov spies on HK and Chinese universities. The China.gov will want to know how they do this and to what extent. This is his leverage. 'You don't extradite me and I'll talk...'

I personally

hope he can make his way to Iceland.