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Rand: We will find a place for you

(CNSNews.com) - In his prepared text for a speech he is delivering today at the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, Sen. Rand Paul (R.-Ky.) said to illegal aliens who want to live and work in the United States: “We will find a place for you.”


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I believe people

should be able to go wherever they want. But I don't think they should immediately get welfare, or be able to vote. And I agree with the poster who said we need to nip the Biometric I.D. portion in the bud right now.

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I find this troubling

But i will withhold judgement until I see how Rand actually votes.

Senator Sessions, whom I feel has much credibility on this bill, says it is totally toothless on border control. If Rand is serious about border control first, he we ultimately vote nay.

If this is defacto open borders and Paul votes for, i will sadly add him to the growing list of people whom I can no longer support. I pray that is not the case.

My position is that I can live with amnesty for those already here, but only if the leaky border is sealed and we actually start enforcing immigration laws.

One of the issue that we should be on top of...

is BIOMETRIC ID, and other language pertaining to it.

They will attempt to belittle us, call us uncaring, claim we are racist, in order to sneak this legislation/language back in. We MUST let it be known, call all REPS, that we do NOT support BIO-ID!

I receive another email from Ron Paul not even an hour ago urging to sign the BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION petition. I am very confused why Rand would not be raising this awareness.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This is a complex subject,

This is a complex subject, but the "evils" of illegal immigration are most certainly exaggerated. Native (and I use that term loosely) inhabitants of the US or any other country have always been and unfortunately will be for the foreseeable future acutely prejudiced against even legal immigrants. "Irish need not apply." My great grandparents came here legally via Ellis Island from Italy at the turn of the century and I was lucky enough to know them as a child. They had many stories of discrimination. I do not believe those who sneak into the country illegally should have the right to vote or access to welfare . If people spent half the time they do bickering and worrying about illegal immigration focused on improving and streamlining legal immigration we wouldn't have this outrageous emotional national debate on our hands. It is an issue, yes, but I've met a lot of "conservative" people who think that the national debt is caused by illegal immigrants getting ibuprofen at emergency rooms. Arithmetically, their effect on the economy is negligible. If anything, cheap under-the-table labor is a benefit to more unscrupulous businesses. We should worry when people from other countries DON'T want to come here, and I fear that time is fast approaching.

I wrestle with this issue,

I wrestle with this issue, but mostly prefer to side with open borders (as much as is feasible in today's political climate).

let's see Open borders vs burning the Constitution

I don't see the struggle.

Globalism vs The United States of America

I don't see the struggle

Forever A Democrat elected as President vs A Constitutional President

I don't see the struggle

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama, , Lindsey Graham, Rooobio for Amnesty

Ron Paul, Ted Cruz, DeMint against Amnesty

I don't see the struggle

We're just screwed. It would

We're just screwed. It would be "offensive" to go around profiling illegals, so that can't be done, so they're going to just let them all be legal.

Yeah, I bet that's really going to make our nation prosper.

They love being illegal because they don't pay taxes. Do politicians think they are just going to come out of the shadows to voluntarily pay taxes when they can always get away with not doing so because profiling is illegal? Another alternative is a total police state with some kind of beast ID system. The best alternative would be to abolish taxes and all forms of welfare, but that's never going to happen. Ever. Illegals love living like rats. They pack 20 people into a house in the hood that costs $5,000, and they live like shit to ship their money abroad. They don't care about salary because 20 people coming up with $5,000 is nothing. They are willing to keep their standards of living at third-world levels and undercut real Americans on salary by huge amounts, so no one is willing to pay Americans anything to do a job, and now our nation is becoming a third-world cesspool.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.

good- good- goood

park dey asses in kentucky and come get em all outta GA

A policy for amnesty for illegals is as dumb as a box of rocks

there is no such thing as defacto amnesty, do they think we are dumb? Illegals cannot vote away my gun laws or vote in Obamacare or vote endlessly for Democrats. Freaking illegals can't vote you "F" ing morons that we elect.

Do you want to vote for something that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Obama love?

Hell NO and that means you too Rand Paul.

I don't want Rand Paul preaching Constitutional Government when it will be forever gone not with 11 million illegals but more like 20-30 million.

Where do you stand on illegal immigration?

During my slow conversion over the past six years from conservative to libertarian, this is the one single issue that perplexes me the most.

Do I side with the Dr.s Paul, and a program that places those already here illegally in a "probationary" status? Must I accept the inevitability of illegality?

Or do I side with those who view this strictly as a matter of "rule of law", the old "illegal is illegal" argument?

I have come to the realization that there is no way I'm going to make a decision with which I will be totally comfortable and happy. Perplexing indeed.

If you've truly been converted to libertarianism...

...then you subscribe to the NAP (non-aggression principle).

This means that you support leaving peaceful, non-violent people alone, free from intervention.