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Edward Snowden reveals questionable tactics by US in Switzerland

The Swiss government has formally asked the U.S. for "clarification" on a claim from alleged NSA leaker Edward Snowden that CIA agents in Geneva pushed a banker to drink and drive as part of a dangerous recruitment ploy.

Snowden, the man who claims to have given top secret documents on the National Security Agency's vast surveillance programs to two major newspapers, briefly discusses the scheme in an interview with the U.K. newspaper The Guardian, saying it was a "formative" moment that led him to question the "rightness" of U.S. intelligence.

In an attempt to learn secret financial information, Snowden alleged that undercover CIA agents would get the banker drunk and "encourage" him to drive home in his car. When the banker was eventually arrested for drunk driving, the CIA operatives offered to help him out of the jam, paving the way for recruitment as a source.


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Is this why the CIA Deputy Director is resigning?


Let's see.

I'll drop a little turd here .... And one over here ....

Hmmmmmm .... and one way over there .... Hmmmmm I've got a whole bag full, no hurry.

thanks meekandmild

psst... hey, the third word of your headline not only appears spelled incorrectly, but as it stands actually implies the opposite of what you might have intended

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I was attempting to add "this message will self-destruct in five seconds" to my comment when your reply appeared, and now that you've replied I can't erase/change my comment whatsoever. Alas, my nitpickiness shall evidently stand eternal. :D

I do really appreciate this and any future links to specific information that Snowden reveals. I'll not likely pore through it all. Your doing so and posting it here is a great service to me. Keeps my life simple, and hence, me happy. :) Thanks again!