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Help Thomas Massie Win the GOP's New Media Challenge

Justin Amash won this last year and now Thomas Massie is trying to win it. If you don't know much about Massie, he is the real deal and Amash calls him his best ally in Congress. Massie also spoke at the unveiling of Ron Paul's foreign policy institute..

Winning this will be a boost to the liberty movement and show that liberty Congressmen connect more with the younger generation.

You can help him win by doing the following:

1. Subscribe to his YouTube channel:

2. Like his Facebook page:

3. Follow his Twitter page:

It also helps a lot if you engage with his social media accounts like sharing his Facebook posts and retweeting his twitter messages.

Doing this not only helps Massie but he's been talking A LOT about the NSA's abuses so it helps spread the message too.

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Three simple things you can do to help the liberty movement

1. Subscribe to Rep. Massie's YouTube channel:

2. Like Rep. Massie's Facebook page:

3. Follow Rep. Massie's Twitter page:

Massie and Amash

Some very easy things you can do to help

Rep. Thomas Massie and the liberty movement.


and bumped.

Massie is one of us, not one of them :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Massie will be doing a Twitter Q&A on NDAA

Thomas Massie ‏@RepThomasMassie
Got question about the #NDAA? @repjustinamash @treyradel and I will answer your Qs tomorrow! Use #AskNDAA

This will happen sometime tomorrow, June 13. He is strongly against indefinite detention.

If you're on twitter, you can retweet it here:

Massie on Edward Snowden

"I’m not a lawyer, but based on what I know so far, I don’t think he should be prosecuted. If someone reports illegal activity as a whistle-blower, they shouldn’t be prosecuted.

Whether or not this program was authorized by Congress, it seems to me that this is an unconstitutional activity, which would make it illegal, and he should have some kind of immunity."

Help him win the media challenge so he can spread the liberty message to a wider audience.