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Silver nanowires to revolutionize touch screens, solar cells, and large panel displays

For work (database and mobile application developer) I stay up-to-date on the latest developments in connected devices and mobile tech. Silver nano wires have the very real near term potential to make touch capacitive displays which are thinner, lighter, more sensitive, brighter, and more energy efficient. Also, solar cells which both convert more light into electricity as well as being bendable, shape-able, and easy to mass produce. Truly a "Goldilocks" solution and shipping now as nano ink.

This video was done by the person who runs the ARMdevices.net website. His Youtube channel goes by the name 'charbox' and he does tech interviews about all of the latest devices built around the ARM microprocessor architecture (which powers all iPhones, most Android, and thousands of other embedded applications). Highly recommended for the technically inclined.

From charbox:

Sriram Peruvemba is the new Chief Marketing Officer at Cambrios, the company that is shipping silver nanowire based inks to the transparent and flexible conductor markets. Their ClearOhm material is already replacing ITO and enables high-conductivity transparent film ranging from 10 to 300 Ohms/square. In this video, Sri showed us examples of products already in the market - All-In-One computers from LG Electronics, large area monitors from eTurbotouch, mobile phones from NEC/NTT Docomo, kiosk monitors from G-Vision etc.- that use their ClearOhm silver nanowires. While at Computex we saw more and more devices with touch screens in them, the market appears to be growing rapidly and having more transparent and more conductive touch screens makes perfect sense. And with electronic paper and flexible OLED products getting close to mass production, transparent conductors that can also be flexible/bendable/rollable would be very desirable.