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Help send the next Rand Paul to the United States Senate!

North Carolina has a real opportunity to send a Constitutional conservative to the United States Senate. Anyone who has had the pleasure of hearing Dr Greg Brannon speak knows that he is a man who "get's it" and will stand with current senators such as Rand Paul and Ted Cruz on Constitutional issues. But we need your help! Karl Rove has dumped millions into the establishment candidate's campaign and we have a tough fight ahead of us to get Greg Brannon the nomination. We in the North Carolina liberty movement know that we have a winner if we can just get his message out. As such, we are organizing a moneybomb for Dr Brannon at the end of this month, and we would greatly appreciate liberty lovers across the country spreading the word about this man and any participation and support you can provide.


Here is a video of Dr Brannon being introduced by North Carolina's very own Chuck Suter:


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Cool! I want to see a whole

Cool! I want to see a whole batch of these guys get elected. Imagine if Rand,Lee,Cruz,Amash, etc. had a bunch of re-enforcements after this election. Would be a hoot to watch.

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Moneybomb for Greg today!

On a related subject:


There is a Moneybomb for Greg Brannon for US Senate today! Ron Paul supporter Glen Bradley in North Carolina has met him, and highly recommends him.

A quote from Glen:
"This guy has all the principles of Ron and all the rhetoric of Rand. Greg Brannon is exactly who America needs in the US Senate."

He is running for Democrat Kay Hagan's US Senate seat, and it is a winnable race.

Moneybomb Facebook event (June 28-30):

His website:

I want a Ron Paul!!

I want a Ron Paul!!

Brannon's knowledge of the constitution is beyond impressive

Here is a list of podcasts with Greg Brannon as guest.


Will check him out for sure

Will check him out for sure

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It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Greg Brannon

Brannon is the next Ron Paul. He is a strict constitutionalist and a true statesman.