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A whistleblower holding all the cards. - Why Did Edward Snowden Go to Hong Kong?

A whistleblower holding all the cards
Why did Edward Snowden go to Hong Kong?
Tue, 06/11/2013 - 17:55
Dave Lindorff

Then too, there is the matter of the Confucian concept of gift-giving and mutual obligations. It was, I am sure, no accident that Snowden chose the weekend that President Obama was hosting a summit in California with China’s new president Xi Jinping to disclose his identity as the NSA whistleblower who exposed the national spying program to the Guardian and the Washington Post. In doing that, he gave President Xi an incredible gift — the chance to hold the upper hand in his negotiations with a hugely embarrassed and compromised Obama over issues like Chinese computer hacking of US corporate and government secrets, and theft of intellectual property. For of course it is clear that the NSA is at least as active in hacking Chinese computers and spying on Chinese communications.
Such a gift as that is not easily ignored or forgotten in Chinese culture. President Xi owes Snowden a lot, and I believe he will honor that debt by seeing that Snowden is protected from any threat that might be posed to him by a vindictive or frightened US government.
But Snowden isn’t relying solely on Chinese cultural values to protect himself.

A lot of people in the US media are asking why America's most famous whistleblower, 29-year old Edward Snowden, hied himself off to the city state of Hong Kong, a wholly owned subsidiary of the People's Republic of China, to seek at least temporary refuge.

Hong Kong has an extradition treaty with the US, they say. And as for China, which controls the international affairs of its Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, while granting it local autonomy to govern its domestic affairs, its leaders "may not want to irritate the US" at a time when the Chinese economy is stumbling.

These people don't have much understanding of either Hong Kong or of China.

As someone who has spent almost seven years in China and Hong Kong, let me offer my thoughts about why Snowden, obviously a very savvy guy despite his lack of a college education, went where he did.

Hong Kong civil liberties and human rights activists and organizations are already working to build support for Snowden, demanding that he be protected from US prosecution for his whistleblowing. They are starting with a march and rally set for Saturday -- putting Hong Kong citizens out ahead of Snowden's own compatriots in the US when it comes to standing up against the NSA's Stasi-like tactics.

First of all, forget about Hong Kong's extradition treaty. When it comes to deciding whether someone will be extradited, particularly for a political crime, as opposed to a simple murder or bank heist, the decision will be made in Beijing, not in a Hong Kong courtroom. Second, Hong Kong has a long history of providing a haven to dissidents -- even to dissidents wanted by the Chinese government. Consider, for example, the Chinese labor movement activist Han Dongfang, who was the subject of a massive dragnet after the Tiananmen protests, but who successfully fled to Hong Kong before the handover of the place from Britain to China, and is continuing to monitor Chinese labor strife and protest from his home on Hong Kong's Lamma Island. Hong Kong also has a public that is very supportive of democratic values -- certainly more so than the majority of American citizens. Hong Kong people may not be paying too much attention to Snowden's situation right now, but if the US were to actively seek to extradite him, I am confident that the place would erupt in support for him, including the local media.


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Rally to Support Edward

Rally to Support Edward Snowden Hong Kong登 Download signs/placards/event flyer


I just watched the Snowden interview and came away impressed...

What is the most viewed interview video? It's strange that on youtube the highest view count has around 5,000 hits.. I would think the video would have millions of hits worldwide? What's going on?

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

I would be

very surprised if Snowden hadn't talked with officials in Hong Kong and in China before disclosing.

Snowden has made public that the NSA program targeted both Hong Kong and China...my guess is that they are very appreciative if you know what I mean; I wonder what else he told them that he didn't make public?

Both China and Hong Kong have just gained some major political leverage.

Snowden and Greenwald have thought this through and they have done it right. I believe many high level heads will roll.

Did obummer know? ummmm hmmm.

"I wonder what else he told them that he didn't make public?"

The NSA/Tyrannical government has to wonder the same thing.

This could be the crack that exposes the 'man behind the curtain'. He's a techy, working with a lot of other techies, and they all know how the system works. The man behind the curtain only knows power and authority.

No telling how long this has been planned. So far, I'm very impressed.

I wonder if Edward's friends are frightened

And fear the loss of their own freedom, like if they'd planned on going overseas for a vacation. Bet the NSA put all stops on that, Booz included!

I can only laugh then cry when I hear

people make comments about education level and it's measure of intellect and critical reasoning. So he didn't graduate from a mediocre government institution designed to indoctrinate and enslave people? Well good for him. This young man is extraordinarily articulate and thoughtful. He and Greenwald are both brilliant minds.


Snowden sounded very intelligent during his interview.

The media points out that he had a GED. So what, I've worked with people in small high tech companies that had very little formal education that were brilliant and at the top of their field.

The more that comes out about Snowden, the more well thought out his plan seems to have been executed.

Great article, thanks Barracuda

Edward Snowden =

Edward Snowden = International Superstar.

nice article

"let's hope he's right"



Let the chips fall

Snowden knows the extent of U.S. hacking into China, and once this is revealed (my prediction), there aint no way the people of Hong Kong will give him up to Uncle Sam, and he knows it.
Uncle Sam has got to be shaking in his boots right now, I believe Snowden will reveal how the U.S. has been engaged in cyber-attacks in China over the years, things we will never hear about in our controlled media.

Insightful article

and I agree--Snowden is building the support of the Chinese people around him.
It will be interesting to see if there will be any U.S. news coverage of Saturday's rally in Hong Kong showing the thousands of people supporting Snowden.
Stay tuned...

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