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Are you amazed at how many major stories have broken recently? Lt. Col. Roy Potter has some interesting thoughts.

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Thank you Colonel

we all must be aware that deception is a note worthy tactic and the flood of information must be accessed calmly so we are not overrun.

Website for consolidating liberty

The host of TheSurvivalPodcast.com has created a site to identify the worst states and flee from them. It's called walkingtofreedom.com and it's purpose is to inform people of more liberty friendly states as well as to tell the non-liberty friendly states why people are leaving. It's a cool idea.


I used to listen to Jack ever day! I still love his show but have been following more hard core economic shows lately, but I'm off to check out his site because of you mention.

Edit: Just a caution, but instead of typing TheSurvivalPodcast.com, I just typed survivalpodcast.com

Malware alerts when off like crazy. No problem, but thought it was worth a mention.

Attack with our Constitution &

that they are violating their oath of office. That is how we should respond. I agree. Since 1913, the progressives have slowly manipulated the citizens into compliance. Since Obama, they have put the pedal to the metal. I'm wondering if the barrage of recent "scandals" aren't the result of going to far so fast that The People are striking back.

The people are striking back .... mmmmmmmm?


Wages have fallen in this country since 1972. We have been lead around like a bunch of sheep. I hope you are right, and people are waking up to Liberty, but in all honesty after 40 years of decline I wouldn't call anything 'Striking Back' yet.

The evil empire has us by the balls because it's grasp still makes so many comfortable.

Roy Potter

is welcome at my house any time for free coffee if he ever finds himself in my neighborhood.

End the FED.

I hope we stay focused on END the FEDERAL RES. Witch is the Money behind the EVIL!

Lt. Col. Roy Potter is absolutely correct.

This is a war for America, or better said, it's a war for the minds of the American people.

I in no way doubt that they can listen to all digital communications, but Nazi Germany was able to stop discussion with the mere threat.



"Notice that your attention

"Notice that your attention is never allowed to remain on one subject for very long."

So true. Thanks for posting this.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.