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Giuliani is getting CRUSHED in California polls, Ron Paul rises!


Giuliani drops from 25% to 11% in CA in one month

Ron Paul rises from 3% to 7% in CA in one month.

Giuliani is dropping in FL and NY and now CA.

Giuliani is out.

Huckabee will be out soon as well.

So its McCain, Romney and Paul.

Only one candidate is conservative enough on guns, abortion, Christian values, and immigration: RON PAUL.

Social conservatives have no other choice but Paul once Huckabee leaves the race.

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I live in Norcal

Democrats are locked in a Hillary vs. Obama deathmatch. And Independents are leaning Democratic to help out Obama.

The Republican label is an anthema. People would rather be called "perverts" than "Republican." The religious-right has done a good job convincing everyone that GOP means "Evangelical."

1/22 was the last day to register non-Republicans as Republicans. My county had 664 Libertarians and tens of thousand "Decline-To-State" who are likely Ron Paul Republicans who defected from the GOP.

I haven't seen on TV, read in the papers, or heard on the radio a SINGLE Ron Paul ad. Not a SINGLE one. Everyone I've converted took months of going through monetary policy and foreign policy and domestic policy before they awoke.

From here forward, I'm canvassing neocons. And it isn't easy when people want their cake (wars to fight islamic terrorism) and eat it, too (strong US economy).

California GOP Booths

Several weekends ago at a Palm Springs street fair I visited a GOP booth. They were really nice and had flyers on all Republican candidates (except Huck). When I told them I was for Ron Paul they said that the most people who had switched parties at their booth were for Ron Paul and that he was going to do well in CA. In fact they said he'd get 9% or more for sure. Coming from the GOP that was something. They also said that they sure hoped people listened to him on the Constitution. Then they told me the RP booth was a little farther down (I already knew that!) Two of the four working there were for Fred.


CA is the most independent state in the union.

Dr. Paul is their best friend.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."
-- Mahatma Gandhi

And then there was 3

It will come down to Romney, Paul and McCain.

I like that idea. Paul is the only republican at that point.

He already is.

Paul's the only Republican in the race, and that's been true since the day he announced his candidacy.


"The problem with trying to child-proof the world, is that it makes people neglect the far more important task of world-proofing the child." -- Hugh Daniel

It is getting really

It is getting really exciting! Dr. Fringe, Dark Horse, Spoiler, oh!!! LONGSHOT, is in it for the long haul! It's happening people!!!

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