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Holy Crap! Japan Down 5%! June 12, 2013

Holy moly.


In spite of all of Japan's efforts to print money, the Yen is NOT weakening:


Highly unstable situation. Japan is like the final exam for the Keynesianists, and at this point, appears to be failing.

Meanwhile, gold can barely catch a bid, and looks like it has way further to fall:


Strange times folks. What's the word, Sierra? Last I saw from you, you said gold will drop to 1320, then head for the moon. Does that still hold?

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Looks like next major down-leg is beginning. Its going to be interesting to observe the gold:DOW ratio as this plays out over the next few weeks. Ignore prices in USD and watch ratios. How many ounces of gold to the barrel of oil? to the bushel of corn? to buy one share of the DOW?

Holy Crap. ALL Markets Down!


Predicting big sell off on the DOW tomorrow(reaction from today's results) followed by a spike upward toward the end of trading day due to massive buy opportunity. Dow breaks even or maybe up slightly. Gold creeping down again. Or it will be a blood bath. FUN!

In a matter of like 15

In a matter of like 15 minutes I've seen like a 100pt swing in the Nikkei 225.

Is that normal? Or is this world central banks stepping in?

Can't speak for Japan...but

the barometer is the status of the Euro. When the Euro tanks then our days are numbered--probably 6-8 wks and then we'll (USA) be next. That's when the USD will rally because the EU will seek shelter in the USD as the Euro crashes. Sadly, everyone will realize that the USD is in even worse shape. Their revelation will buy you the 6-8 wks to make last minute preps. I got this info from Lindsey Williams from about a year ago. It may be totally wrong.

IMHO, I would simply assume all other fiat currencies will be irrelevant as the USD is the world reserve currency. I'd say the Euro is the 2nd biggest so perhaps Japan and fiat currencies will crash before hand. I think the BRICs are working out an alternative to shield themselves.

Always prepare...starting now! A little at a time. For money, I stash away USD cash, gold, silver, and bitcoins.

As of 12:50 AM CST

As of 12:51 AM CST

NIKKEI: 12,515.50 -773.80 -5.82%

Pretty beefy drop, and it's still going down.

Uh, no now it's down OVER 800 PTS

on the ball w/ the news


it's just what the dr ordered

-quiet engineer

What do you think will happen when COMEX runs out of gold

You asked about gold and if it will still goto the Moon, Im betting it will. Check out this article


This is really bad for the people that have "paper gold" but for the people that have it in there hands it is going to be very profitable. To me it is simple supply and demand. as the supply goes down the demand will shot the price up and with the US dollar going no where but down that will give the impression that gold is going up even faster (each dollar will buy less gold).

GO BUY GOLD... if you can find any

still up 21% YTD

Just Profit takers and there is a big sale on Sake at the Sake Mart.The five year selloff for the Dow tomorrow? Beer sale at walmart

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Point taken

I hope Japan has the plunge

I hope Japan has the plunge protection team advantage card.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

It was predicted Japan would

It was predicted Japan would go first. The bigger the debt the harder the collapse.

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"It was predicted"

By whom?

Can you be a little more specific?

Not being an aggressive asshole, just curious.

Of course, your comment reminds me of what The Sleeping Prophet said.

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I panicked early and bailed out of Japanese stocks last month :)

Undo what Wilson did

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Better early than late

That is a rule.

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The Nikkei was down 6.5% a little while ago

Japan must also have a PPT.

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Seems things have calmed a bit

They have a PPT.

The question is, what happens when the PPT doesn't work anymore! Both here and there.

Then we're really funcked!


Thanks Steve.

I can't wait for Krugman to say

"they simply didn't print enough money fast enough".

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Yes, the Krugman pretzel

will be interesting to watch twist.

Ouch.. there goes Abenomics...

If you want to know how much instability government & monetary intervention can create just look at that Japanese stock market chart....

Well I guess the Japanese government will have to double down on stock purchases... might want to ask the FED for some help too...maybe Bernanke might want to diversify the Fed holdings with some Japanese stock...

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