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Do you really want to save this Country?

Ladies and Gentlemen: I complement your incredible job in raising the ranks to help Ron Paul win the Republican nomination and the finally the Presidency. I too am working hard to help Dr. Paul. Unfortunately, I do not believe it is enough. I am convinced that there will not be an election in November. Even today, Cheney addressed Congress claiming that a “Day of Reckoning” is coming without the passing new surveillance legislation. Therefore, I believe there will be an orchestrated event 3-5 days before the election which will give Bush the excuse to “postpone” elections and take over the government. We need a way to pre-empt this from happening. After racking my brain, I can up with the following . . .

Look up your local state congressman (not the U.S. congressman). Also look up the congressmen for the surrounding areas. Sign up and go to the next local Ron Paul Meetup group. Find out who is also in you congressman’s district as well as helping others find their district and representative. Find as many people you can to help. The more the better. Set up a meeting with your congressman (with your fellow supporters) and tell them you would like to see them introduce new legislation. Tell him/her that you would like to join the National Guard to protect the state and U.S. Constitutions, but have no interest in being sent to other countries to fight unnecessary wars. Tell them that the present legislation keeps you from serving in the National Guard. You would like to see state legislation that will exempt soldiers from being sent “overseas”. In addition, you would also like the legislation to contain legislation that the Governor of your state cannot give command of the National Guard to the President without “super majority” of both houses of the state congress. These two things will keep you local and keep you under state authority without Bush being able to do anything about it. Get everyone you know do the same thing in their districts in their states. Keep pressure on until the bill is passed. Now sign up for the National Guard.

Now you are part of the inside. The more of you there are the better position you are to protect everyone’s rights. Once a member you quietly start talking to other guardsmen about the Constitution and start planting the seed of what is constitutional and what is not. Now if/when you get orders that are unconstitutional you can say no and cause a rift in the unit that will make it very difficult to carry out an unconstitutional order. If there are enough of us in units around the country, we can effectively take moral control of the National Guard and force the protection of people’s civil liberties. It may not be much better, but I would rather be in uniform saying no and finding support, than sitting in my home hoping someone else in uniform is going to say no when they come for me. Please spread this idea to as many people you know. You can even take credit. I just want to make sure we are in the position to fight back when we need to. Cheers.