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Recount speculations

I am not a statistician, but if the write-in votes on the Democrat ballots were any indication of votes cast on the Republican ballot then here are the results:

Hillsborough County
McCain - 349 (+58)
Romney-239 (+27)
Paul-97 (+18)
Huckabee- 69 (+12)
Guliani- 53 (+9)
Thompson-4 (+2)

The reason these numbers are interesting to me is because they were write-ins on he wrong ballot there was no reason for the computer to tamper with them. Unlike the Democrat nominees, the recount shows more votes for each candidate, rather than less (like the Democrat totals). The increase (in parenthesis) is in proportion to the original number so votes, so that seems reasonable too.

It will be interesting to see if this trend holds with the recount of ballots that were tallied by machine. I would love to see a solid third place from New Hampshire going into Super Tuesday along with discrediting the voting machines we rely on to report results.

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It's a shame no one is

It's a shame no one is talking about the recount anymore, when there was so clearly vote fraud within the state.