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Ben Swann on the Peter Schiff Show

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We have to support Ben

Did Peter asked good questions - yes

Do I like Peter's style of interviewing - no, he's arrogant and brash. Some people like that, I don't, but who cares I still support Peter because he has the right message.

Ben's not sure what happens after 100 episodes, OK I'm good with that. He's great at what he does, he's proven himself and he's the best thing the Liberty movement has right now in journalism.

If I get to watch 100 episodes for $50 or whatever I choose to give it's WELL worth it! If it fails after that, Oh well we tried and we move on to something else. But we have to try and not allow the critics to turn us away from our goal.

Folks we have to support the true leaders in the Liberty movement or we all fail and they win. Please get behind Ben in this project. Thank you for reading and God speed to Ben's project.

I felt differently than a lot

I felt differently than a lot of people here, it seems. I thought Peter did a great interview, and am super happy that he gave Ben the time on his show to push this. He asked good questions and Ben informed everyone as to how this is going to go. I get it. I just hope people will finally realize that there is at least one place where they can see a little news that is genuine journalism and not profit or agenda driven propaganda.

ben should have consulted peter

it's pretty clear he's got no idea what he's doing. he can pay someone to edit nice videos. great. what's the substance behind what he's offering? nada. peter's doing him a huge favor pointing that out, and my recollection is ben already changed his kickstarter probably due to this interview.

Eleven year old High School Graduate

Homeschooling says a lot about homeschooling AND his teacher. I wonder which family member was this good, since I think Ben Swann can instruct the masses on current events better than NO OTHER. He can challenge anyone to expand their outlook on events.

Fair questions about the business plan

Peter asked some fair questions about the business plan. It turns out that there is none. Just donate $1.25M and get one hundred 5 minute videos that will be given away. After that? Well, it looks like there is no plan.

If I were an investor, I would see the $1,25M as a charitable donation, not a business investment. There are no prospects for a return on the investment. That is the point Peter was trying to make.

not rude

I don't think Peter was rude at all. He's just a very direct, no-pussyfooting kind of guy. Hardcore businessmen tend to be like that. And I think Ben probably appreciates it. They were good questions.

Schiff comes off as kind of a

Schiff comes off as kind of a d-bag, no?

Is this the first time yo

Is this the first time yo watched his show? Because that's how he is ALL THE TIME. He is just direct. The only problem I have with peter is he interrupts people a lot. Peter asked legit questions. Why does Ben need to make 100 videos? Why not 1- or 25 to see how it goes?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

It is actually the first time

It is actually the first time I've watched his show. Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against him. I think he probably presents a lot of good information. I just wouldn't want to watch him regularly because of the way he presents himself.

That's exactly

what I was thinking? Why though? He was asking questions with obvious answers and then being bit condescending about it.

Schiff is not good in his house

like a territorial dog
he's better on neutral ground like on CNBC in a panel vs the keynesians

He just got all indifferent and judgemental on Ben.

Ben did not need this from Schiff.

Peter Schiff is a dick

But the fact that he's our dick is why most people around here like him.

At least he's consistent. It is his nature. He didn't pull any punches with Ben, and they were in fact good questions. Just no softballs.

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Agree big time

I feel like he's looking a gift horse in the mouth. He would be well served to donate lots of money along with his friends and go fight the MSM gold haters a good bit more.


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