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I hate to say it, but Rand gives me more hope than Ron.

Been a long time since I posted on here. I'm glad to see the site is stil up.

I first became introduced to Ron Paul the way many Americans were. He was the kooky guy trying to get the Republican nod by disagreeing with all Republicans and flying a gigantic blimp as part of his campaign. It wasn't until I actually decided to watch a debate when I discovered I was wrong.

Ron Paul would consistently say something logical, something reasonable, something that I've always felt was true in the depths of my soul yet had never had a politician speak aloud, and he would be boo'd and/or mocked for saying it.

I was crushed when he didnt get the nod in 2012. My fervor never wavered, and with the wool no longer over my eyes I couldn't vote for either Barack or Mitt. I voted for Gary Johnson out of spite (because i couldn't decide on a running mate for a Ron Paul write in).

In the months since, I stopped blaming the Republican party for Ron not winning. The reason he lost was the reason he always admitted to up front: His message is great. His message is the one we crave from our government and have been denied too long. But Ron Paul was not able to deliver it to everyone.
I Believe Rand Paul is able, and I think he has already begun.

Ron Paul was "That old guy who's party hates him and wants to go back to using gold." Rand Paul is "That Tea Party senator that filibustered the senate for 13 hours." And today I see he has sponsored "The fourth amendment restoration act of 2013." These are things the media will actually report. These are things that reach those who arent looking for news about liberty, just stumble upon it. While he doesnt have 100% of the same views as his father, they seem to line up on the issue of liberty and personal freedoms.

I actually feel hopeful about politics again.

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It's just how it is.

It says nothing about Ron. He knew Rand had more of a shot to make the bigger changes. Rand is extremely well spoken and benefits from 40 years of Paul family name credibility within the liberty movement, without being hampered by Ron's reputation with the far right. Plus, he just happens to be younger and more attractive to some of those marginal voters who just aren't as concerned about the actual policies. My wife and my sister agree with me when I tell them about Ron's policies, but neither go excited until they heard those same policies from Rand.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

If you like Rand Paul

Then check out Dr Greg Brannon. The North Carolina liberty movement is working to send him to the US Senate.



That guy is too good to be true. I hope he makes it. I applaud him for his pro life stance and hope he doesn't turn away too many people with it. We need him in office.


We are organizing a money bomb for Dr Brannon at the end of this month and we need a strong showing in order to counter the millions that Karl Rove has dumped into the establishment candidate's campaign. We would appreciate any help in spreading the word, and also any support!


"more hope"

Rand is doing a good job.

Ron is and will continue to be the voice.

My Liberty comes from within.

It may be the end of our Republic as we knew it. It may be required to educate others [as we are currently doing], the young generation, on how to rebuild it.

Also, NEVER put all of your eggs into one basket. There is Massie, Davis, Justin Amash, and possibly Cruz, among others. We must all work to hold our reps, local and state, to the same or higher standards.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I agree with just about all you said . . .

except 'Rand is doing a good job.' That's too much of a generalization IMO. In some areas he's doing a good job. In other areas he's not (amnesty for illegals & universal ID 'papers' for all in the USA that will come with it). IMO we tend to want to adore these politicians and everything they do, afterall theyre 'our guy'. People did this with Bush jr as he violated the US Constitution and theyre doing it with O now as he does the same. Far better to evaluate each of their actions for itself.

There is no argument from me :-)

That is why I said good, and not great.

Rand is off on a few things, as you noted. I also do not understand the immigration, when that will ultimately be the final demise of the Constitution, imo; it will beg the introduction of biometric identification, which is one of the ultimate goals of this government.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

you summarized it better than I did . . . .

formal amnesty and the bringing in of potentially tens of millions of people will further destroy America. These people have no loyalty to America. They come for financial reasons. They have no knowledge of our history or Constitution. (There are enough Americans that are clueless of our nations foundational principles as it is.) Mexican billionaire Hugo Salinas Price - who is trying to push the recognition of silver as legal tender in Mexico - was asked if the Mexican people might throw off their corrupt & oppressive government. He sighed and replied that the Mexican people are long suffering (500 years) & they have no Tea Parties. That is, they are long beaten down and just trying to get by. The Mexican government uses the illegal immigrants in the US to send money back to Mexico and as a safety valve to prevent revolt against them. We do the people of Mexico & our own people no favors by allowing amnesty and further mass migration. I also fear that the loss of the few jobs to Americans that will result, will cause great tension and potential violence. Combine that with the biometric ID that comes with this 'plan' and you have a real wrecking ball smashing America.
So while Rand Paul has done some very positive things, his position on this issue really over rides all the good he has done in my opinion. America as envisioned by the founders in 1776 barely survives in the hearts & minds of a few of us. If this is passed into law, the destruction of America is practically assured. And as Ann Coulter recently pointed out . . . they are selling out the country for very few votes anyway.


You deal with the devil and you get burned. Think about it Rand.

"You deal with the devil and you get burned"


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul