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Where's the check?

The executive branch of the central government secretly interprets laws, has a secret court to charade as judicial review, and supports officials who lie under oath to the Congress. The united States is no longer a constitutionally limited republic with checks and balances but rather a stealth totalitarian regime with a rotating figurehead. Judicial review is null, and the Congress has no oversight. Plainly, the balances are heavily weighted in favor of the executors. Where's the check?

The court of public opinion has also been rendered useless to a large extent. The central government has shown that it's willing to intimidate reporters that deviate from state approved story-lines. Peter King, a sitting Congressman, has even outright lied in efforts to promote the prosecution Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian author who broke the NSA data collection story which revealed that the NSA has been collecting records on hundreds of millions of Americans. Further, with respect to the NSA story, the mainstream media keeps regurgitating an outdated Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll (which began before public release of the pertinent news) that reflects the opinion they wish to project on society, namely that Americans "don't care about their privacy," while more recent polls (here and here) demonstrate that Americans do care.

(By the way, do you think it's merely a coincidence that the Washington Post was involved in the poll that began before the release of the news seeing as how WaPo had foreknowledge that this information had been leaked?)

With the emergence of the information age, the court of public opinion should be a more powerful check, but in reality, much like Hitler used the radio to his advantage, the powers that dictate in the united States have hijacked the media to convey only their propaganda. Got freedom?

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When I read the thread title

I was thinking about a letter I sent to the president after the banking bailout demanding a check for my share of incorporated United States profits since birth generated from the use of private credit of the American people to fund government.

Where's the check? That is what I am talking about because I am still waiting for my check!

Well said.

Well said.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

The checks are written by the lobbyists

and the balances of the politicians' accounts increase as the deposits are made.

That's about right...