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***Clarification on Results in LA***

I have posted the current results and where the Ron Paul delegates are in those results. They are still counting provisional ballots, but I knew everyone would want to see how it is looking.

Also if anyone knows where the lists of McCain and Pro Life/Pro Family delegates are let me know and I will highlight them as well.


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will the others be checked to see if they are registered?


There is life at the end of the tunnel my friends!

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way!"

Not sure

They have not given a time frame other then to say they are working on it.


So what you're saying is

EVEN THOUGH Ron Paul (his delegates) got more votes than ANY OTHER candidate, he came away with uh, 4 delegates out of (7*15=105) ONE HUNDRED ans FIVE DELEGATES?!?

And people on this site say we should be like ok with that?

I will grant you that there's nothing we can do that I can see regarding THIS caucus THIS time, but what are we going to do going forward? Shrug our shoulders and say "oh well, we suck at this?" If so, then maybe I should just save my F%@$%@ing money and buy some gold.

I second that!!!!!

This is appears to be yet one more example of how, when we "become involved" and try to "change things from WITHIN the system" what becomes apparent is how totally f**ked the system really is to begin with, how broken the institutions are methods are, how easy it really is to manipulate, and how corrupt those who "play" the game truly are. And all this is going on WITHIN the party our guy is supposedly trying to reform?

The depth of rot is soooooooooooo huge, and time is soooooooo short, both for THIS election and for our COUNTRY.

Can our "revolution" be done through these methods and channels?

"Luctor et Emergo" - Struggle and Emerge

I like the spirit

Hopefully that number 5 is going to climb a lot by the time it is all said and done. One thing to be learned is that this is definitely a dirty game. Don't under estimate what the other candidates will do to ensure that you don't win. Basically if it is not specifically outlawed all is fair in love, war and trying to beat the Ron Paul Revolution. Let's keep up the good fight.


This Makes No Sense

Would SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE NUMBERS! Excuse me, but this is very confusing to someone that has no idea what all these listings mean! Did Ron Paul win this caucus or not? How many delegates? And I went to the website but the form is too small to read, even when you increase it. This does not explain anything to me.

Would you please give the total of how many delegates he secured? Versus the other candidates.

No wonder caucaus's are so unpopular. Too confusing.

We do not know

We do not know how many he has secured. It is actually very readable once you zoom in. If you are not sure how it works just chill for a bit and wait for the final results. It is confusing and I can not explain right now. Basically you want the names highlighted in yellow to move closer to the top then they currently are. Also the provisional thing is explained in the text above the results.


Thanks for posting this.

Thanks for posting this.