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Even Patriot Act Architect Says Snowden Not A Traitor

In the days following Edward Snowden’s act revealing the government’s unconstitutional spying on American citizens via the vile PRISM program, it has been widely debated whether the man is a hero or a traitor (I personally agree with Ron Paul that the man should be hailed as a savior of the people). Naturally, scumbags such as the supporters of the NSA such as Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein [D-Calif.] who is against us having guns (shocker!) but for monitoring everything we do (what a coincidence!) and neocons including the despicable John Boehner have stated vehemently that the man is a traitor against his country, and should be tried as such. Maniacal screams of “off with his head” will surely follow from that camp.

The Obama administration surely sees him as a traitor, as Obama’s goons have prosecuted whistleblowers at an unprecedented rate, and has, in less than 2 terms, prosecuted more (6) than all previous presidents combined (3).

However, the man who originally introduced the legislation (The Patriot Act) that technically allowed the government to enact this atrocity against its citizens, Jim Sensenbrenner, has taken up the banner of Edward Snowden. From the National Review:

In an interview on Laura Ingraham’s radio show Wednesday morning, the Republican congressman from Wisconsin reiterated his concerns that the administration and the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court have gone far beyond what the PATRIOT Act intended. Specifically, he said that Section 215 of the act “was originally drafted to prevent data mining” on the scale that’s occurred.

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