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One view regarding God.

Without suggesting one a lunatic for a seeming belief of lunacy,
I can only come to, with rational and critical thought,
the pronouncement, as accusatory as it may come across,
that if any God, by way of whatever means condemning, violent or oppressive
It’s doctrines and teachings prescribe or deem applicable of faith,
as for the exoneration and esteem of some high and altruistic throne-head
It ascribes as rightful,
they most certainly are the tenants and decrees of
a misdirected, delusional and psychotic system and furthermore,
settle upon all people a great shame and indigenousness,
through the willingness to act upon the prescriptions of such tenants…

for if God be not an intervener of the aggrieving and scornful and tacit actions It’s followers perpetuate in adherence and faith,
then God is not only an accomplice to them, but a direct dissolver
of the morality of It’s own highest teachings…

man ascribes a great detriment to God when he justifies his sins towards other men by It.

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Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

me thinks that other

3 letter word NSA has folk preoccupied el maximo

I've noticed...

God (of any kind) is a dead issue here for reasonable conversation.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness