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NSA Assures Americans That PRISM 2.0 Will Be Way More Invasive

...“PRISM 1.0 was a little glitchy, and now that we’ve smoothed out the bugs, well, your privacy, especially inside your own home, will be a thing of the past. The technology is so good that it will basically be as if a member of the NSA is standing right behind you at all times.” Alexander also said that the next version of PRISM will have a slightly altered name, noting that there will be a Z in place of the S.

read more http://www.theonion.com/articles/nsa-assures-americans-that-...

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The future will be glitchy.


9-11 was a panda job.

The Onion pealing back the

The Onion pealing back the layers is one of the more honest news sources painting a more accurate picture.

"In soviet USA, government,

"In soviet USA, government, spy YOU!"


Frightful. PRIZN cometh.