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Why did FBI tip-off Boston suspects, resulting in Collier's death? The FBI killed Collier

One thing we know for sure: the FBI knew exactly who the suspects in the surveillance photos were, days before it appealed to the public for help in identifying them. They had been investigating them for the last 2 years. So why did they play dumb and appeal to the public for help in identifying the two men in the surveillance photos, which caused them to flee and embark on the rampage which, according to the FBI, resulted in the death of MIT officer Sean Collier?

The minute those photos came out, every man in the Boston counter-terrorism unit should have said "That's Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his little brother." The Boston counter-terrorism unit had placed Tamerlan on at least one terrorism watch list, had interviewed him in their offices, and investigated his family. It kept getting warnings about him from Russian intelligence, as late as Oct. 2012. Yet on Thursday April 18 at around 5pm, Boston Special Agent Richard Deslauriers, head of the Boston division, held a press conference to release the surveillance photos and said:

"the public will play a critical role in identifying and locating them. Somebody out there knows these individuals as friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members of the suspects."

Moreover, the M.O. of using pressure cooker bombs, spaced seconds apart, had Chechnya written all over it. Paul J. Murray, a US counterterrorism expert and author of "Allah’s Angels: Chechen Women in War," told USNI News:

“The same scenario occurs frequently in the North Caucasus, using a single bomb, often in a trash can, then when emergency services arrive, a second bomb goes off, sometimes a third one.”

The rest is history. They knew who the suspects were, and knew where they lived (Tamerlan at 190 Norfolk St. in Cambridge.) They could have surrounded the house and captured or killed them before they panicked and went on the rampage that allegedly killed Collier. Someone tell me how the FBI is not responsible for Collier's death, if in fact the brothers killed him.

Note: the Boston FBI has a history of tipping off notorious criminals who it happens to be working with, like Whitey Bulger.

Surveillance photo released by FBI on Thursday April 18


MIT police officer Sean Collier

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Can't prove it,

but since this happened, I've been sure (in my own mind), that this incident was supposed to be blamed on a "Tea Party, Patriot" type of individual. When that misfired, they were forced into a not-well-thought-out (i.e. Govt agency) plan. Hence all of the inconsistencies etc. Botch-ity - botch - botch.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

bump for Dzhokhar arraignment


Release the Sandy Hook video.

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"the public will play a critical role in identifying"

"the public will play a critical role in identifying and locating them."

Agreed, and turned around. Witness my evolution:




I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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The police audio says it wasn't the Tsarnaev's

The first radio calls that went out reporting the shooting of the MIT cop mentioned being on the lookout for a black male. How the Tsarnaevs were involved is a mystery, as no evidence has come forth connecting them with the murder.

The scanner audio I listened to refers to an "Hispanic" male

...5'11" black cowboy hate. Audio in first minutes of youtube video in previous comment.

The best way to honor Collier is to make sure we have overturned every stone for the truth about his death. The FBI may be right or it may be wrong. But since we know they are pathological liars we can nothing they say at face value.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

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I wonder if his car had video?

And if the FBI has stolen it?

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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funny there is a sudden dearth of dash cam for all these police

budgets beefed up by DHS. The brothers throwing bombs out the window should be all on video.

But I think you have touched an important larger issue, whether the police will keep blindly deferring to the FBI. Real cops will want to know they have the right man in the death of Collier, their brother. The FBI has revealed an obvious agenda by its many lies, such as they didn't know who the brothers were.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

funny you should say that..here is the police scanner audio

10 minutes before the "officer down" transmission, reporting a suspect in the 7-11 robbery nearby, "hispanic male 5'11" with a black cowboy hat." 7-11 has the surveillance photo and says it is NOT Tsarnaevs. Suspect showed handgun.


Release the Sandy Hook video.

Sean Collier

does anybody know anything about him and why someone would want him dead?

Russ Baker makes the observation that the hunt for Lee Harvey

Oswald was turbo-charged by Oswald's alleged murder of officer Tippit, since disproven. Everyone hates a cop killer, especially cops, so it mobilized LE for the manhunt. Not only that, but chances are if you turn your head for two seconds the suspect who was alive will suddenly be dead, as cops give in to their emotions at "one of their own" being killed. Let's see if they care about "one of their own" enough to demand the FBI answer why it tipped off the suspects when they knew exactly who they were and where they lived, and might have taken them by surprise.

The FBI treats street cops like they are dumb, because special agents require a college degree and many have law degrees. We'll see how dumb they are. Collier might be alive today. Just from what I read he seemed like a pretty nice guy.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

But there is absolutely no

But there is absolutely no evidence that the brothers killed him. The notion that they killed him for his gun, which was actually NOT taken, was first put forward by John Miller, a former top spokesman of the FBI, and now a CBS correspondent. http://whowhatwhy.com/2013/05/23/officer-collier-shooting-ro...

I agree. It is not necessary to allege that the brothers killed

Collier, though, in order to poke a big hole in their preferred narrative. Establish that gaping hole in the narrative to establish how craven and deceptive they are, then go on to the other questions.

The article shows that even if we take the FBI's own words at face value, they are liars and possibly worse.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I will say this, if any of

I will say this, if any of the FBI knew it was Tamerlan in the picture, I agree that he/she or they are partially responsible for the death of Collier.
But I disagree "we know for sure: the FBI knew exactly who the suspects in the surveillance photos were".
How do we know that for sure? Yes Tamerlan was interviewed by the FBI and whoever in the FBI that was involved with his case knew who he was, but they doesn't mean that they could identify him from a picture where he is wearing sunglasses and a hat.
Also I see no reason why any of the FBI would have known it was Dzokhar, as he was never investigated by the FBI. Sure whoever did the investigation and interview of Tamerlan probably at some point saw a picture or pictures of Dzokhar, but I highly doubt I could tell you everyone I've seen a picture of in the last couple years.
I just find it possible that Tamerlan was not recognized in the pictures by those in the FBI who knew who he was from interviewing/investigating him, being that he was hiding distinguishing features by wearing sunglasses and a hat.

With that said, I don't rule out FBI involvement in this. They could have had an informant aid them and help them set it up and that's why those in the FBI who knew who Tamerlan was didn't identify him. But I definitely don't think they are innocent or just patsies, as I think the evidence overwhelming points to their involvement.

Anyway just my honest opinion, not saying I know either way. I'm sure I will be downvoted for it, but I figured you wrote up this thread for discussion so I thought I would give my opinion as I've kept up pretty good with the Boston Marathon bombing news.

A core function of law enforcement is identification of people

...you know, line ups, descriptions, mug shots, surveillance photography. Now here is someone on the A-list of terror suspects according to Russian intel, if you are the FBI counter-terror unit in the city he's in you should know his face by heart. This is not some kid playing with firecrackers. Then he has a brother with distinct featueres, and they are standing together.

The first thing you do when there is a bombing is run to your top file drawer with your dozen or so A-listers. You look at their files, and the FBI knows about pictures, don't they? Yea, That first thing when you open up the folder. Chechnya M.O. you say? Hmm..Chechnya, Chechnya..oh yes! Hey boss, lemme see that picture again...YUP! That's Tsarnaev and his kid brother! WOW!


Oh, but in case they forgot to take pictures of him when he was being investigated, no problem...he had a mugshot on file from a domestic arrest in 2009!

Release the Sandy Hook video.



it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

thanks Sue4th...

brilliant post, good read!

thank YOU!

...with all the smoke and mirrors surrounding these false flags it's best to build on that which no disinfo agent can possibly distort or dispute. The FBI HAD to know who they were. So why the game which possibly got a man killed? I think the brothers were patsies of some sort, playing along in some game set up by FBI informants and undercovers, which is emerging as a standard M.O. They may have had no inkling of what they were in for, or to be accused of. But once your face is on TV you know you are a dead man, so they may have decided to go down shooting. Russ Baker has more on this scenario at his Whowhatwhy.com.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

the ANSWER is~~

the FBI/CIA don't have to answer to anyone except their higher-ups who are the ones dishing out orders.

Didn't you know?? EVERYTHING is SECRET--in fact, it's TOP SECRET.

Don't ask questions, ok?

The question is, who is giving the orders?

We know the president is a puppet since JFK.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Your post is insightful...

without ever having to diverge from the general, mainstream, or official story of events. That's its brilliance. That's one of the skills of Ron Paul, making worthy points from within simple mainstream paradigms. As you have here, RP also and often points out negligence and liability of government. Negligence certainly either implies ineptness or nefariousness. We don't often need to cross the line into implying that something may be distinctly nefarious or distinctly inept. As such, your headline [and main point] is supported exceptionally well and expressed to readers of potentially diverse predilection. It reads as a great editorial I might find in a good newspaper, somehow appropriate and well suited for unfiltered public consumption. Of course down here in the comment section we are more free to toss about terms of "false flag", "patsies", and "set up". Had you done that in the OP it would have compromised your main point. Oh, and I did catch Baker's last interview with Rockwell, good stuff...

Exactly. The first step before talking about false flags is

...getting people to understand, in terms that are familiar to them and which are absolutely bulletproof, that the government is not their protector and cares not one iota about their safety or well-being. Once this is clear, then you can probe the idea that it will actually kill you to generate fear and the submissiveness it needs to keep robbing us blind and expanding its power.

We are now ruled by murderous thugs who will stop at nothing to maintain their power and position. Wealth gets more and more concentrated because sheep-like congressmen know that they need to be with the program or be "Wellstoned."

Perhaps this article on Boston can get people's wheels in their heads turning, which is what precedes the mass awakening. Then the Powers are finished, for a people awakened can never be defeated. They can kill many more of us, but in the end they will lose, for then they will be on the wrong side of history.

Release the Sandy Hook video.