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Gary Johnson Weighs in on NSA, Says He's Open to Running As a Republican Again

Reason Yesterday, Gary Johnson, a former two-term governor (R-NM) and Libertarian presidential candidate, hosted a Google Hangout during which he spoke on a range of topics, including the NSA and his own future in politics.

"The government can actually listen to your conversations from your cell phone even if it's not turned on," Johnson claimed when asked what he thought about the NSA's recently revealed data collection program. "If that becomes widely publicized, does that become that rallying 'Holy shit! We can't continue to do this!'?"


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He Promised He Would Not In The Final Libertarian Debate

The moderator asked "Will you remain active in the Libertarian Party after the 2012 election?" Gary said he would remain active in the party for life.

If he does run as a Republican, you can bet Fox News will not be friendly toward him after he ran as a Libertarian and, in their warped eyes, "stole votes from Romney."

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


Here we are stuck in the Republican, Democrat, 3rd Party scenario. Do whatever it takes to run as an Independent (and I realize that will be a huge task). Unless someone can educate me otherwise, I don't think you need to be a member of a political party to run for office (although it's probably easier if you are). Screw the political parties... look where we've found ourselves today under their guidance (I wouldn't call it leadership). Be Independent, defend and protect the Constitution as per the oath you will swear, and do what is right for your constituents rather than blindly following the tenets of some political party.


It seems Libertarians are about as diverse as Republicans. Just an observation from a moment in time.

Diverse in what sense?

If you mean racially, then yeah, I'd say libertarians* are far, FAR more diverse than Republicans, at least from my POV. Then again, I spend most of my time in urban areas, where it's more 'diverse' than say, your average suburb or country town.

*I'm including all 'liberty-minded' people who aren't Dems or Repubs (Indys, some Occupy folks, Ancaps and such). I can't speak on "big L" Libertarians as a party, though.

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Gov. Johnson...

please run for congress.

I agree GJ should and needs

I agree GJ should and needs to run for Senate in NM if the opportunity presents itself within the next couple elections. That is an office he actually has a really good shot at winning. I think GJ would make a great Senator!

he's not interested

i recommend listening to the hangout session. he presents very good reasons why he isn't interested.

i Rather vote for the paul clan!


i'd like to see

both Johnson and Rand Paul in the debates, of course Ron himself again in the debates too would make it spectacular.

can you imagine??

If we had Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Andrew Napolitano, and Ted Cruz in the debates??? I would LOVE it.

"No physical quantity explains it's own existence, and no amount of time can consume an infinite series of events to bring you to the present, which means all of these somewhere have to be explained by one self-existent cause which is not physical."


I was right I was right I was right about GJ!!!


i really enjoyed

watching and listening to the hour long hangout session and seeing all the great, youngsters so interested in libertarian principles, ron paul and the governor. it was an excellent exchange with johnson and yeah, i damn well hope he runs republican in 2016, as he said, even if it only means getting in the debates.

btw the hangout video is at the bottom of the article.

GJ we want you back in the GOP...Senate!

GJ, you're a powerhouse in NM. Use it to your advantage and become a Senator! You can do it! Rand needs more company.

Forget the LP...it's irrelevant.

bigmikedude's picture

Aggghhhagggghhaaaahhh !!!!!!!!! No way! Not again....

After putting up with GJ vs Write-in-Ron for a year, I am NOT putting up with GJ vs. Rand on DP for two years of election cycle.

Pre-Warning: Relentless faction fighters/pushers that won't quit may experience wrath.

*bangs head on desk repeatedly*

lol... Aside from the Rand Romney endorsement week while we were short handed with Michael in China, the GJ vs Write-in-Ron era was the second most miserable moderating period in DP history.

Jesse Venture also wants in


deacon's picture

and by wrath

you mean bannings?
dontcha?,this seems to be the norm around here

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

bigmikedude's picture

Actually Deac,

those that were behind the scenes at the time will see more humor and dread in the comment than many DPer's will. I'm sure that even many regular users here remember all too well how miserably annoying and mentally draining that time frame was. What was happening was obvious to all.

We had piles of some from both sides that we could see were registering strictly to push and flood the site with GJ promotion, and Write in RP campaigns right near the election, not really to seriously discuss and compare the candidates, options, and methods, or discuss political issues.

It was a difficult time for all of us here weeding out the dividers and pushers with agendas and differentiating them from normal average DPer's just voicing their opinion, day after day, for months on end. I'm sure there may have been a few innocent casualties back in the day that got caught up in it, but that onslaught was destroying the DP with what was almost the same as political commercials slamming the public on TV, only done in internet troll style.

But no doubt, there were hoards of them, and some were not only organized to divide, but obsessed and hell bent on relentless group effort site flooding pumps of GJ or RP write-ins to the point of abusing the site for their agenda.

deacon's picture

while i can agree to a point

I personally pointed 3 trouble makers,and at least 2 bots
nothing happened to them,accept they left on their own accord
i was personally attacked by a known member who is still here
how do you think it makes me feel?
this same one went so far as to bash all RP supporters,and at the same time plugging GJ,its still here,doing the same damn thing
i was attacked for days on end,for this statement,i don't know enough about GJ,so i guess this meant i was a bot,troll romney lover and an obama supporter
and while this was going on,people here were flagged,banned or just left out of frustation
this frustration falls on the dp,and is why they left,and they won't be back
am i pleased about it?,do you think i liked seeing what i did?
the good people left here,and the trouble makers are still here
this here is fact,and yet one is supposed to believe there is true and equal moderation?
it might have been difficult for the mods,but did any ask for a hand? not that i saw,and when ones pointed out obvious things,it went unheard
you mods sit and flag things you deem inappropriate,even going so far as removing posts,ones you don't agree with,but when one calls another out,you turn a blind eye
BMD, i consider you a friend of mine (not sure why :))
and i can honestly say,i am at the end of my rope,i try to leave things better,and i try to make things better,but here anymore
i cannot,this place went south,and has remained since that boston bombing,it is not going to recover,the DP will die
yes what happened here at the DP for GJ was obvious,but did the mods here listen,really listen to the ones who had been here a while
NO,it was a free for all,with GJ posts getting the upper hand,and the most posts,mods can put or not put up peoples posts,so who exactly let it all go that way? it sure wasn't us regular peons on the bottom,it had to be the ones at the helm,so you all let it happen,and maybe just sat and smiled at it all going on
take it for what its worth,but i did try to help here,whether is was heeded or not,is not my problem
i asked a question at the modbox,so far has gone unanswered,
lets see just how much you all care here

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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The GJ vs RP era was a learning experience for all of us

here and probably a learning experience for many DPers as well. Although now a page in history. There was no previous model to use as a guide. Things have taken directions since then and things have changed because of it. Hence the distancing of the site itself from one man back when we did it, for starters. Being the tail end and last chance at a Ron Paul run probably added to the chaos, and probably also added some level of confusion for everyone here on DP, but it did give us here behind the scenes some insight into future election cycles and things we would need to change.

The Boston bombing and many other things have also helped to mold things and set precedents. Some may understand, some may not, and those that don't, won't, until they have been here where we are, in our shoes. Those that think this should be a piece of cake to do are the very ones you definitely don't want moderating here. In reality we aren't near as bad as some think. Look at FOX News - they just completely eliminated commenting period. A few sites don't bother with it, let alone letting users post headlines, stories, and topics.

One thing we have learned is, you can't please everyone, and you never will. So you get together, pick a direction, go with it, and it is what it is. We are in that process now and continuing to hone it. Those that like it, can stay, those that don't, can go.

Doing this is indeed more often than not, a thankless job, which we learn to become numb to after time. You have to, or you'll go crazy trying to please everyone, which is impossible. There is some fun in it occasionally, but most of it is not at all 'fun'. It is a task at any time. Someone will be happy, and someone will be pissed. There is no win-win. No ideal happy land. It's the conundrum of liberty and property rights management - everyone is different, there is no everyone answer.

We tried to please everyone early on, then we realized, and partially for our own sanity, it was time to pick a direction, hone it, and go with it. Which takes time, life experiences, thought, discussions, and therefore, doesn't happen overnight. People can hang, or people can bail. Either way, the DP will lose some, but equally it will gain others because of it.

The only thing that is constant is that time marches on.

You should feel good deac, the only DPer to ever get a short and rare interview. Lol

Maybe we should all get together some distant day and write a book about the years at DP behind the scenes with interviews, it might be interesting and undoubtedly comical.

deacon's picture

i am always honored when acknowledged

by ones here on the DP,
no where else does this really matter to me,i know
i am bad at saying thank you ( i guess i believe people already know it)
but thank you and the ones at the dp for doing what you all do
yes the gj/rp was stressful,i could actually see the ones just coming here
for plugs (more of a feeling) it was indeed trying times,i wouldn't want to be a MOD here or anywhere again
but i do have the ability to see trouble makers,trolls,and bots,bots are way too easy to spot,and is fun playing with them,well for me anyways :)
it is true,you can't please everyone,it does help to start with yourself
if you are pleasing yourself,others will be,and the ones who aren't,never will be
dude,i am totally open to meeting you and yours,you are after all family
here is a hint to figure what a bot is....ever sent a hand written letter,with many question to a rep,and get a form letter back answering one question? well,this is how bots operate :) enjoy

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence