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More people die each year by the flu than all the deaths caused by terrorism over the last 20 years.

Ok, so how many deaths have we had in the USA due to terrorism in the last 20 years? How’s about 5000 or so? Agree? A bit less? A bit more? Hum, whatever that number, while truly tragic and deeply sad, with a population of over 300 million people, this number is actually quite miniscule. In fact, more people die each year by the flu than all the deaths caused by terrorism over the last 20 years.

My fellow writer at VT Sami Jadallah provides further perspective “…the government to gain total and unconditional control over citizens, have created and imposed a sense of fear among citizens… the boogie man is out there to get you… when in fact there is close to 80,000 deaths annually from gunshots and accidents… the government has a created a terrorizing atmosphere making sure the people have no choice but to acquiesce and accept the lies… that this total invasion of privacy thwarted several and for sure False Flags terrorist events”

Hum? Okay, so according to the corporate sponsored government induced main stream media, 60% of Americans support the NSA Spying program because stopping terrorism is more important than privacy. Really? So 60% times 300 million, that’s what? 180 million people are worried that terrorists are going to get us and so we should allow the all-knowing protector to have complete control over our lives? Really?


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We have "Shark Week": but, do we have "Pig Week" ?

The ugly truth : we all live in a nightmare of a country named La-La-Land only focused on sensationalism and pushing for always more moral hazards and dangerous fallacies serving an ever growing state and its cronies, feeding on our sweat and our distractions.


We have "Shark Week": but, do we have "Pig Week"?

Why, you ask?

More people are killed every year by pigs than by sharks, which shows you how good we are at evaluating risk.

Schneier, Bruce. Interview with Doug Kaye. "IT Conversations: Bruce Schneier." 2004-04-16.



Panem ET Circenses ("Bread AND Circuses")


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Putting things into proper

Putting things into proper perspective needs to be hammered.

Did Superstorm Sandy threaten "National Security"? It did a thousand times more damage than 9/11. I want a legal definition of "National Security". Flesh wounds from criminal acts don't threaten national security. The US military keeps us safe enough. "Keeping America Safe", what does that even mean. People who use these few catch phrases and a hand full of words to spread hysteria should be called out as demagoguery. How can a hand full of simple words be used to brainwash our society? How can a few simple words carry so much power in and of themselves? It's like saying, "These aren't the droids you're looking for", and people being brainwashed by them. Define "Safe", what it means and quantify it 0-100% with evidence.

We must stop our mass national psychosis of paranoia and fear perpetuated by the MSM and Politicians.