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Your Worst Nightmare Just Confirmed!

Okay conspiracy theorists, it is your big day. You are officially validated. But what you are about to read will neutralize the elation of your victory. May I present to you a massive part of the Grand Conspiracy:

Thousands Of Firms Trade Confidential Data With The US Government In Exchange For Classified Intelligence

The rabbit hole just got deeper. A whole lot deeper.

On Sunday we predicated that "there's one reason why the administration, James Clapper and the NSA should just keep their mouths shut as the PRISM-gate fallout escalates: with every incremental attempt to refute some previously unknown facet of the US Big Brother state, a new piece of previously unleaked information from the same intelligence organization now scrambling for damage control, emerges and exposes the brand new narrative as yet another lie, forcing even more lies, more retribution against sources, more journalist persecution and so on."

And like a hole that just gets deeper the more you dug and exposes ever more dirt, tonight's installment revealing one more facet of the conversion of a once great republic into a great fascist, "big brother" state, comes from Bloomberg which reports that "thousands of technology, finance and manufacturing companies are working closely with U.S. national security agencies, providing sensitive information and in return receiving benefits that include access to classified intelligence, four people familiar with the process said."

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Are these two stories related?

Super-rich running out of mansions to buy with mansion stock down more than 50 percent in the last year
According to figures from real estate firm Altos Research there is a scarcity of housing inventory in some of America¿s wealthiest ZIP codes

"...Research shows shrinking housing stock in America's richest ZIP codes - down more than 50 percent yr-on-yr...

...Carmel, California has experienced a 76 percent drop driven by Silicon Valley and investors from Europe and Asia...
...Similar inventory has fallen 70 percent year-over-year in Palm Beach, Florida and is down 58 percent year-over-year in Old Greenwich, Connecticut..."


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Hitler would be proud

Of the American Plutocracy, but he would never understand its inefficiencies, and why they're necessary to appease one group and anger another.

The Megalomaniacs behind all this have deep rooted paranoia. They know they've screwed the common person and have created such a "Union of Fuckers" like the CFR and every other mechanism to avoid any consequences of playing unfairly. They are psychopaths and are exceedingly driven by their own fear of consequences. Thuse we have the NSA spying on everyone, because of the fear of this group.

What is amazing is how well this group understand the human psyche, and how to manipulate anything to their own ends.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

It would be near

impossible to keep these secret interactions from happening considering how embedded corporations are in the government structure. Is it much of a stretch from the military industry complex Eisenhower warned us about. We should have all suspected as much.

proven fact of life....

If you compete with an elite, they cheat !

If you do what others are unwilling to do, you can do what they cant.

In the modern world of living beyond your means on the backs of the unborn its all about appeasement and conformity to your uppers.
Self reliance will be punished, morality be damned

Government employees and the

Government employees and the select private few use this secret system as their personal playground to profit from, and wage war on Americans not allowed to plug into this secret computer system.

Proving once again the elite are liars, thieves and cheats.

At all levels of government and business this appears to be true. Incompetence and butt-kissing seem to be the main "qualification" for success in our society.

Thanks for posting.

Frankly, I took steps YEARS

Frankly, I took steps YEARS ago to avoid this type of snooping because I knew where it was leading. I allow to be revealed what I largely choose. Why were CARDS for purchases pushed on the American people starting a couple of decades ago? Cards were an early means for the government to track purchases made with anonymous cash. As Mussolini said, "Fascism should more appropriately be called corporatism, because it is a merger of state and corporate power." WARNING: The American people better start using and demanding an anonymous financial system, e.g. gold and silver. Get rid of cards and digits of electronic systems of ALL types. Furthermore, you need to control the information on the InterNet from your peers who feel it's alright to publish historical data on you from yearbooks, etc., e.g. classmates.com . I, personally, feel quite comfortable that the NSA knows only what I allow them to know, i.e. little.

Jericho: the fictional CBS TV show

The lesson from Jericho, the fictional CBS TV show. Never trust big government and big business, they are both one and the same.


and Jericho was a great show, the campaign to bring it back for a second season was exciting to be apart of!

Public and Private

There is neither any public nor any true private left. Just some gray mix of the two that serves a handful of people while screwing everybody else. In the absence of the rule of law, there is only war of one variety or another.

"Inter arma enim silent leges"
(In times of war, the law falls silent.)

"Many think it not only inevitable but entirely proper that liberty give way to security in times of national crisis that, at the extremes of military exigency, inter arma silent leges. Whatever the general merits of the view that war silences law or modulates its voice, that view has no place in the interpretation and application of a Constitution designed precisely to confront war and, in a manner that accords with democratic principles, to accommodate it."
Justice Antonin Scalia, 2004

Shouldn't this validate

Shouldn't this validate libertarians and not conspiracy theorists?

Some of this stuff was already known like Microsoft leaking security issues to the government before anyone else.

All this proves big government is dangerous and bad. None of it proves the conspiracy theory that there's large groups of evil people out there working in concert together. Just normal people who are confused doing the wrong thing when they think it's right.

Check out http://ronpaulforums.com for activism and news.

Both I think.

These executives may not be in on it.

The group of evil people are the puppet masters behind these policies. Clinton, Bush, and Obama did not drop out of nowhere, get their buddies together, think up these egregious programs, and coincidentally come up with the same idea as their predecessor. Someone installs them. When every single law that passes, for over at least the last 15 years, benefits the top 0.001 percent it is mathematically impossible for that to be happenstance. There is a grand plot. That plot entails full-spectrum dominance over the all people and property. After the Amnesty Bill is passed, in order to enforce Obamacare, we are fucked.

Think Smartmeters (to monitor appliance usage), GMOs (to control the food supply), mandatory black boxes in every vehicle after 2014 (to control transportation), MSM (to control perceptions), the Internet (to gather personal data), every single market is rigged (to control investments), 401k and pensions (to control your retirement funds), Obamacare (to control your lifespan), Amnesty Bill (to finalize the all-encompassing database), biggest military in history (to squash dissenters when the time comes), the orchestrated biggest debt bubble in the history of the World (to steal as much as possible so that when the plug is pulled, the evil ones will have the wealth), and at that point we will not be able to do jack.

Is the end nigh? All these executives buying real estate should give us a clue to get out of paper. And what about the cheap paper price of PMs and JP Morgan's vault metals disappearing like flesh in a piranha school?

Sorry to be so bleak. But how can this be a coincident?

Solution: Government is the root of all evil. Without the tool of government, this would have never been able to occur. In mass, we all just say no to all laws that are not common. We do as we please as long as we do not infringe upon the life, liberty, or property of others. We quit financing our own demise, stand up, and just say NO!

Gerald Celente . . .

quote - - - "The merger of state and corporate power is by definition called fascism."

It would seem that the desire for a 1,000 year Reich didn't die in 1945 afterall.

Its called COMMUNISM

Where does God come into play? Fascist believe in God, Communist believe in SECULAR POWER.


fascist socialist communism.

How so?

The difference between communism and fascism is fascist believe God plays a part, communists don't believe God plays a part.

Fascist states allow Chuch and God to exist, Communists don't.


Communism is all property owned by the collective. Since this flat-out does not work, Vangaurd Party Communism has been tried with horrific results. The Communism (read: Communist Party) of the USSR and China were actually socialism (defined as society owning all means of production). Mussolini's Fascism is more like what we see here: private businesses and oligarchs in partnership with government oppressing the public.

Two examples of forced communism were as follows:

The Great Leap Forward, led by Mao, was from 1958-1961 and resulted in a death count from 18 to 25 million Chinese.


Murray Rothbard claims that the first settlers at Jamestown, owned by the Virginia Company, were forced to be communist. The death toll was again horrendous. Only 61 of the 500 settlers survived before reforming to a free market theocracy.

Stalin's holodomor greatly resembled communism as well. Millions died.

Cannibalism is a common consequence of communism.


Fascism is all property owned by the collective including the church.
Communism is all property owned by the collective and there is no church.

I have watched several movies about the "Youth Revolution" in Mao's communist China.. really terrible what happened to the students.. it was like watching canabalism, in one movie, this woman is having a complicated pregnancy, so they "dare" to bring her to the hospotal, and when they get there, these very arrogant students, who are proud the fired all the doctors for not doing what they told the doctors to do, wind up unable to help the woman.. none of them jknow what to do.. they get the doctor out of prison.. the husband of the wife feeds the doctor, who had been starving.. the doctor gets sick from eating too much too fast..the wife dies, the students are not even cleaning things.. it's like a power struggle where only the meanest prevail, becomming the lords of trash.

I think in the western world, cannaboalism is the result of hunger.. for example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donner_Party


As much as we generally disagree, I don't vote you down. ; )

Hunger, besides natural causes, comes from technocrats trying to run the market. If there is no actual market with a price mechanism, as in socialism and communism, how does the technocrat know how much, or what needs producing? He/she can not know. They need feed back via a price mechanism to find the demand.

Another problem is, "Who is going to take out the garbage?". Also, when inputting into a system, and individual knows that their tiny contribution to the whole will not be missed, but when it comes to taking out of the system, an individual will sees an enormous benefit to himself if he takes out a large portion. So nothing gets done, no one knows what to do or how much needs produced, no one wants to take out the garbage, and everyone starves. Cannibalism commences. End of story.


least we forget sanctions, eh?

Good point.


the 'isms' are nothing but propaganda

used by a small group of criminals to steal wealth & power from the populace by deceiving them.

The 'collective' does not control or own anything under 'communism'. 'Collective' is nothing but a word. Point to it in the real world. It doesn't exist. Its a mere concept. - -What exists is individuals. Stalin got others to carry out his orders. Through many individuals he controlled many other people and material resources & wealth. He 'owned' a great deal of resources in that he was able to control their use during his lifetime. He and a relatively small group under him controlled the USSR, not any 'collective'.
Hitler, who became the head of the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) party in Germany also controlled that country with a small group of his top people. Many of those rulers included the executives of major German industries.

I hope you get my point. People get caught up in words and theories and explanations. They think the isms and tales they are told about them are real. People go to war and die over such word manipulation.

In theory.

Marx talked about the workers rising up and forcing communism. Didn't and won't happen. So his ridiculous ideas were stolen be the 20th century Vangaurd Party (ruling party) Communists. They began with Vanguard party socialism (socialism: society owns the means of production). As they were transitioning to full-scale communism (Vanguard party-style, of course) in the late 20s and early 30s they realized it would not work. Think holodomor. The same progression happened with Mao ending with the Great Leap Forward (see above). Marx's ideas are really useless for any folks desiring power. Even though they were laudable, they were foolhardy and obviously conjured up by someone with no economic background or business savvy. Marx wanted to get rid of the State! How cool is that? But no power-monger wants to get rid of the State or class structure so his ideas were whittled down to Vangaurd party Marxism.

The 'collective' (general use) is a term that describes how bees and ants get along. They are instinctively like one organism. This is a wet dream of the power-mongers: to have humans behave in this fashion. Socialism and communism can not work without some biological change in humans. As Rothbard puts it, "Who's going to take out the garbage?" lol.

Here is my theory. Modern human behavior began roughly 50,000 years. Civilization only began, at least as recorded (written word), 5000 years ago. When division of labor in a hierarchical system promised more consistent meals, humans were all psyched up about it. What other species use division of labor and hierarchies? Why, it's the ants and bees. But, we have not yet evolved to be like bees and ants in the tiny evolutionary time frame of 5000 years. I think we will, and the rulers are pushing it, 'cause they know. So, unfortunately for libertarians, civilization may be causing a biological change in our wiring to be more of a collective species.

The good news is bees are not all eusocial. They can be either presocial (solitary but social), subsocial, parasocial (including communal, quasisocial, and semisocial), or eusocial. I suppose it will all depend on the level of dominance of the 'queen'. Humans are now nearly eusocial, with the exception of reproducing vs. non-reproducing grouping. But we know eugenics is another rulers wet dream and on the agenda.

I didn't create the isms

I deal with them. You want to fluff them off, be my quest. BFS.

I don't think the PtB care

I don't think the PtB care about the church's role as much as you do. The system is certainly closer to facism on an economic level than anything else.

But if you require some kind of religeous element, what about that giant Owl god, Mollock that they love to worship at the Bohemian Grove? That's a drywish god I think?

Reguardless, all the "isms" are collectivism for all intents and purposes. It makes no matter.

But when you take into the account that we are repeating Germany's decent into facism almost play by play, camps, lists, money priting and all, apparently the 1000 year riche is still in the plans.

Well, I don't know

As a Catholic, I think TPTB should let me and my Church have the freedom to provide hospitals that refuse to perform abortion and birth control. I think the PTB should not attempt to force us into same sex weddings.

I would agree that here in America we are more fascist than communist, but I also believe that the MSM, PTB work very hard to destroy the Church and become communists.

I am very happy being Roman Catholic.

Germany was into the Owl God Mollock... go figure


Interesting. Nazis... But

Interesting. Nazis...

But question: How is the government forcing anyone into same sex marriages?


The government is trying to force the church to preform same sex marriages. Pope Francis is now talking about a "gay lobby" within the Church http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/belief/2013/jun/14/p...

How is a gay lobby in the

How is a gay lobby in the Catholic Church going to force people into gay marriages? Anyway, the entire Catholic Church is a gay lobby... at least.. if you count little boys.

I think the idea that the government is going to force private churches to marry gay couples is a ridiculous scare tactic. It would be political suicide for any politician to attempt it outside of New York, Chicago or So Cal. If you live in those places, you should move and let them go bankrupt.

I could care less if gay people get married. I could care less if Christians refuse to marry them in their churches.

It's not

What a gay lobby does is attempt to force the Church to perform same sex marriages.

The MSM is no fan of the Church, so to say that the entire Church is a gay lobby, most Catholics would not agree.

Least we forget Talleyrand, the Church becomes infiltraited periodically, and the crimes that are committeed affect the entire Church on many levels.

When it comes to child rape and molestation, the Church went through a period of disbelief. Most Catholics were in denile because it just didn't make sense on so many levels.

Today, there is no tolerance. Everyone who works with children in the Church MUST be registered with the police and sheriff. There is no need to proove anyone molested or raped a child, all that is needed is suspecition. If anyone come to the Church and says, "I was, or my child, or another child, was molested or raped". The priest is immediately handed over to the police. He is defrocked. There is NO TOLERANCE AT ALL.

We are encouraged to step up IMMEDIATELY and report a crime we suspect. We don't need to proove it.

How many other Churches or schools do that?

I could care less what anyone's personal relationships are. There are civil unions,.. here in CA, one may go to a court and get a LEGAL civil union. It's no one's business and especially NOT the Church's what those outside the Church do. It's what goes on IN the Church we are VERY VERY concerned.

Why any homosexual would want a Catholic wedding is beyond me.. but that said.. I do know personally two men who did get a preist to marry them in a Catholic Church. The preist was defrocked, and they like to bragg about that today. It's a real funny story, especially if you HATE Catholics, HATE the Church, and want to see it destroyed.

Many do.

Perhaps that includes you?