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Prepare to be Shocked! New Movie Trailer: "Terms and Conditions May Apply"

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yeah, this is how they do

yeah, this is how they do it, and if you "decline"
no product, no service, no culture, no nada, give us the ability to do whatever the hell we please at the time or you get nothing, thats the major companies mottos

No choice, but blackmail, they will divide a nation, they will descriminate those who who have a mind of their own, by locking them out of products, services, and cultures, and make the weak argument, "well you dont have to sign for it"(well until its no longer a CHOICE), besides, you dont HAVE TO PUT CLAUSES THAT VIOLATE PEOPLES RIGHTS, that is YOUR choice........and im giving you tech giants advanced notice, fair warning right now, the same anomosity i feel towards government and their actions, i am, and have been feeling towards YOU, you are walking on egg shells right now, change, adapt, restructure, tear down, or be pushed aside by the next guy, who DOES really care for our liberties, our privacies, our freedoms

Do you really want to risk this not being a growing number

If you have a minute

Everyone send this to Drudge please



And you thought me getting

And you thought me getting myself banned from all those major and minor web sites multiple times was not on purpose. Who gets the last laugh now? Not even Edward Snowden or the NSA can get previous crap I posted. I've been a prolific blogger on the internet for the past ten years. All the archives on things I wrote in the past ten years are inaccessible to everyone because I am banned from those sites. DP is the only site I post on these days and the archive on me here is easily manageable. You can think of the seeds I planted in previous days as hit and runs like car accidents.

This should be on the front page!!


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A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges. - Ben Franklin

thanks! it's def a must watch

thanks! it's def a must watch

Excellent job, Recon!


Thanks! Just thought I'd pass it along :)