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Watch Police Shoot Down a Drone Flying Over Istanbul

When you click this link, it will lead you to a page where there are two video clips. The first clip is 8 minutes of viewing people on the ground through the "eye" of the drone. The second clip shows the drone being shot down.

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The first video was amazing

Watching the "people like ants" moving around, it all seemed somewhat choreographed. I suppose, watching ants would provoke similar feelings. The music really added to it, very gothic/epic.

Just after 5:21, it appeared that the police (in bottom left) were shooting, not just throwing smoke and water -- puffs of smoke were appearing directly in front of them.

And I applaud the authorities, who on a hot sweltering day provided the people with the means to cool off. :/

That guy just after the police assault on those stairs (after 5:21) that gets hit with the water cannon tumbles, and doesn't get up. I wonder if we witnessed a traumatic brain injury?

There was a smudge in the center of the lens -- I was going to say that jokingly, ending in "oh but I guess it's destroyed anyway" -- but at the end of the second video, it looked fairly intact, like it may be repairable.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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That's a radio-controlled

That's a radio-controlled quadrocopter (a helicopter with four rotors), not a drone. Everything that flies under remote guidance is not a drone. Let's be specific about what is being discussed.