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Check out how the cops used to dress when I started driving. Sammy Hagar Video (I can't drive 55)

Doesn't seem that long ago when I used to be a whiskey Rock-n-roller either. (Graduated HS in 1981) Good song...amazing to compare how the police used to dress compared to all the garb and weapons they wear now.

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Loved This Video in the Morning...

Before driving to High School, thanks for giving me an idea for the Jam Session, me and a few friends snuck in to see Van Halen during their sound check in St. Paul on the 5150 tour.


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The Red Rocker strikes again

Why is Sammy wearing a Ronald McDonald suit, though?

Ah, the good old days before he ruined Van Halen.

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Thanks for the memories of an earlier time

I also found it interesting what they were wearing -- back in the 80s, police were more honorable -- and they wore ties!

Loved the scene at 3:07 where they took the cop's handcuffs from him, then used them to cuff him. The printable zip ties are Liberators!

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