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DIGG BOMB - Romney

We've seen what happens when we digg up RP - he goes to the top of DIGGs most popular.
We've seen what happens when we stick it to Dobbs for not including RP - Edwards wins the poll.

So, why not DIGG truthful but negative news about our Romney

Check this link out on Digg

Digg each of the negative stories about him.

Make these go viral people - several forums are participating

Please bump to keep on top

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Blimped... We sure like our

Blimped... We sure like our peaceful civil disobedience bombs don't we :D

come on folks

digg bomb!


then i did hucks

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

lust bump for now


no one wants to digg these?



come on folks/

digg and bump

good idea

i'm in

Digg is the enemy.

You should unregister instead.

are you smoking dope?

please do something useful

You are helping Digg.

You are not helping RP. You are giving Digg. more and more popularity and traffic.

as long as it remains an open platform

where we can post material freely and others can digg it up or down - who cares if they get traffic?