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The Problem with an Obama Impeachment or Resignation. The Unseen Consequences No One Sees

Obama is corrupt, there is no doubt about that. I know he is the face of tyranny, lawlessness and corruption. With the scandals of operation fast and furious to NSA gate. A new scandal pops up everyday with this President. We are hearing people call for his resignation or impeachment. Is that going to stop the bleeding of the life blood of this nation? No, please beware of flying out of the frying pan into the fire.

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Of course we all know

that this is MUCH bigger than just obummer.

Who is it that provides funding for all this tyranny? The congress.

The fact is, that every congress critter and admin. bureaucrat that has violated his oath needs to be criminally charged.

So who is going to do that? No one. Because the FBI is part of it.

There is only one way to rectify this tyranny and I think we all know what that option is. Broken arrow.

Hitler may have been defeated but the people that put him in power were not. So here we are.

IMHO, I think WWIII will be well underway

before enough people smell the coffee and get involved.

Obama is a puppet. His only

Obama is a puppet. His only power is to support gays and harass the religious institutions. When it comes to real actions that involve real money or heavy decisions his hands are tied. As a person he is genuinly against torture yet he cannot do anything about Guantanamo or the CIA. As a person he is generally ok with middle eastern people but he has act a certain way. Can you imagine if Romney or McCain were in office?

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Succession order until Military general is President

Does anyone know the succession order until a Military general is President?

(OK, me the dummy googles it):

That's the only way I see an impeachment making a change. Everyone in the succession to be indicted and the military takes over the head spot.

And this is the only meaningful change in the sense that it changes for the worse.

Good article BTW.

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Daily scandals is why we're getting into war with Syria

Daily scandals is why we're getting into war with Syria. Bill Clinton ordered Obama to get into Syria to save his Presidency, "just like I did with Bosnia and Kosovo."

And its true: Clinton's team timed all military actions to cover the front pages of the newspapers whenever a scandal was erupting. Remember the Starr report? The day it was released and guaranteed front page coverage, Clinton unleashed 100 cruise missiles at al-Qaeda jungle gyms in Afghanistan and an aspirin factory in the Sudan. Never mind that intelligence indictated that Osama bin Laden had left three days earlier and it was too late to assassinate him. No, getting Starr's report off the front page of the papers was more important.

So, Obama's trying to do the same thing now. Only difference is, there is a much bigger alternative media, and the current media is a tad upset with being spied on by Obama's team.

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