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Felony Friday: Teacher Convicted For Carrying Loaded Gun On Campus. Is The Law Wrong?

Many in the liberty movement (myself included) have argued that schools would be much safer if teachers were provided the option of carrying firearms. The logic behind this argument is straight forward, allowing teachers the option of defending their students in the event of an armed attack would act as a deterrent to potential attackers.

To examine this argument, let’s dream up a fictional situation. Imagine that you live in a town, let’s call the town LiberalGunFreeZoneville. For the purposes of discussion we will call the town LGFZ for short. LGFZ is a small town, with maybe 200 homes. The mayor and council of LGFZ garner enough support to pass an ordinance making it illegal to own a firearm and require each home to post a gun free zone sign on their front lawn. The only homes that are exceptions to the rule are the mayor’s, city council members', and police officers'. These three entitled groups are afforded the right of owning a firearm and do not have to post a gun free zone sign in their respective yards.

Let’s up the ante in the above hypothetical town and add a bus full of convicted felons to the scenario. This bus full of convicted felons gets t-boned by an 18-wheeler right in the middle of town. The convicted felons that survive run from the scene seeking cover. Which houses do you think the criminals would choose to enter and which would they avoid?

If you answer that question with anything other than “the houses with the gun free zone signs”, then reread the first three paragraphs and try again.

The same logic applies to schools and protecting children. Mass shooters look for targets that will provide the least resistance. Colorado movie theater shooting suspect James Holmes picked the only movie theater within 20 minutes of his apartment where guns were banned. In Colorado, at the time of the shooting, most movie theaters allowed permit holders to carry concealed guns. Cinemark Century 16 Theater in Aurora Colorado did not allow theater patrons to carry concealed guns.

So what happens when a teacher brings a gun to school with the objective of protecting the students that have been entrusted into his care? If you guessed the teacher is charged with a felony and because of this will no longer be able to teach in the state, then you guessed correctly.
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cuz it's not a Friday without highlighting a ridiculous felony...

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