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Isn't NSA Survellience Just Another Misguided Attempt at Prohibition?

Just like trying to put everyone who uses drugs in jail, doesn't all the NSA data collection activities do is compromise the freedom of those who've done nothing wrong?

I've read and seen many a spy movie. The bad guys know and expect their calls are monitored, so they buy a cell phone in a convenience store, and call their contacts and throw it away when they're done. How does monitoring that call (months later, perhaps????) help catch terrorists?

In one case, a guy set up a bomb to go off in a large USA city via a sequence of numbers from any cellphone. He purchased one and the bomb fortunately was defective and did not detonate. How does data collection make us safer in this case?

Same with email and other forms of electronic communication - use a public computer, create a dummy email address, and send your file or message. How does collecting all email after the fact help the NSA?

My point is - they really don't want the data to catch any terrorists. This is only a cover story. The main question is - what are the real motivations of the NSA?

Is it to catch other criminals? - This makes some sense, but the patriot act doesn't apply here, so that would make it illegal!

Is it to identify our enemies? - It's hard to extrapolate someone is an "enemy of the state" when anything written and said in a free country is allowed by the constitution. Once again, the law doesn't even allow this!

Does anyone believe what is perfectly obvious to me? This program is designed to limit our liberties and freedoms, or to be used retroactively to identify anyone who is deemed an enemy of those ordered to surveil. This whole program is SO WRONG!

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It's an attempt to win back

It's an attempt to win back the information war the MSM lost. They think that by creating a chilling effect on people using digital communications, and threatening you with thought police if you misspeak, they will gain back control of the signal.

Yeah. It's called racketeering govt style.

Because that's all it's good for..

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