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Ian Freeman Takes A 420 Ticket To Court

Man, I love this guy! But I can't stand that stupid judge though. Let freedom ring, all across the nation! Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9j03q1_-YQ

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Very Entertaining

And Ian is impressive.

Unfortunately, most judges do not give the Constitution credibility unless you bring up corresponding judges decision's ("case law") that fit your argument. In the back of their minds, they want you to argue the lowest form of the law (which is not law).

The legal system is too complicated for people who prefer not to spend all of their spare time learning the game. That is why we need something workable like a citizen-operated legal system that keeps the mob-selected government out of it.

Until the mob demands something workable, welcome to USSA.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Why don't they give the

Why don't they give the constitution credibility? That's makes no sense to me man! Isn't the constitution absolute? I'm so confused.

juan maldonado

It looked to me like the

It looked to me like the judge was trying to hold back a smile the whole time. I think he enjoyed the whole thing.

Good Job

However, the Judge should have dismissed the damn thing several times. Not sure how a judge can deny motions that are based in fact.



juan maldonado

If after he handed down that

If after he handed down that fine, I went up and smack him(the judge)! Would I be wrong!? Since he initiated the force first, I should be ok, right? Lol, hey I'm just asking.

juan maldonado