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Liberation from fear!

I would like to give some advice that I hope is received well.

I believe most people see fear ultimately coming from not knowing. I have found this to be true of many people I’ve known or met in my life. I would like to pose that fear truly comes from being unable to know, and by that inability we create countless remedies of faith and presumption in order to quell that fear.

As a father I have come to embrace the fact that one day my physical body will cease and that my children will be left with the memories we’ve made together. I would take death in any fashion if it meant saving the lives of my children. My children have eradicated any fear of death I may have had and my focus is set on the preservation of their futures above all else.

As with Liberty my ultimate goal is liberation: of mind and spirit. I feel as though those two aspects of my life are satisfactorily attained. So as we seek liberty in life, so I have chosen to seek it in death and the process of dying we are all subject to at every moment. I have chosen to let go of the fear that surrounds death for one simple reason: the unknown will be made known soon enough and I will take it as it comes. I often have told my wife, “what if death is as great a path as life”?

As lovers of liberty and freedom do not fear speaking out against what is corrupt and immoral. It is your duty to do so! It is your privilege to do so! It is the greatest example you can ever set for your children. Let the liberation of us all start with all of us and do not have a greater fear of the bullet over what you say in that it cripples your ability to say what you are capable of saying.

Live deep…is there any other way.

Peace and Love to you all.

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If you find it inspirational.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

God awaits you when you

cease to be a living soul. the truth is out there for all who wish to
have that burning question answered. Is there life after death? some will wish to God they'da paid closer attention to their souls, for after your last breath and you slip into eternity, your chances are OVER ! case closed nada zip zilch dun fini kaiboshed.....

settle the issue for real fer its too late

The soul is abstract...

but I'm quite sure it is living whether the privilege of a biological being or the cessation of the biological being - If the soul ceases to be living, then what do you purport remains? Bones and flesh will feed the microorganisms and organisms alike but they will not hold much weight in reviving a dead soul.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness