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Students in Chile show their corporate masters they have a little push back too. (Video Clip)



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Governmdnts creating weapons,

Governmdnts creating weapons, against, protest, against the peopld.......i dont know about you guys, but im starting to see something PROFOUNDLY wrong with that the more times i see instances of it.......

Nonsense. These students are demanding subsidies, not freedom.

This isn't a protest against corporatism at all. The students are protesting the fact that they have to pay 75% of their own educations (which IS one of the highest rates in the world -- which just goes to show that the rest of the world should emulate Chile, not the other way around.)

Students who believe themselves to be entitled to an education at other people's expense need moral, not scholastic, education.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Absolutely right. They are demanding educación gratis.

Absolutely right. They are demanding educación gratis. And from the very government they despise. Don't they realize that if they demand that government educate them, that the education will be in such a way to protect and further the government's best interests? Don't they realize that when something is free, it's not worth anything? Buildings here are covered in marxist graffiti, like 'Capitalismo es terrorismo'. I've often had a mind to paint over the Capitalismo with the word Corporatismo. By the amount of marxist graffiti here (I live in Valparaiso), you'd think that this place is hip-deep in marxists, but Chile is by and large a libertarian society, who believe that if you don't work, you don't eat. Their time with Allende (radical marxist) and Pinochet (radical fascist), they harbor a healthy and well-founded mistrust of the government.