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Snowden as a Chinese PSYOP that Kicked Obama in the Balls for the Xi Meeting

I thought Snowden might be a CIA dangle to China with NSA damage as icing on the cake, but the more I looked at this the more I believe that Snowden was a very ably profiled loser who received an offer from the Chinese he could not refuse, and was deeply trained in the month he was gone to do what he did. His showing up in Hong Kong and his frequent references to Hong Kong as a lawful safe place, carried the day with me.

Think about the timing -- Obama was GUTTED on the cyber-war issue. Rendered impotent in every sense of the word. As a professional intelligence officer who has done most forms of media covert action, I have to just watch in stunned admiration. This was as good as it gets.

The only thing that will make it better (for the Chinese) is CIA's doing a ham-fisted rendition that will be captured from several angles on camera and then made into a TV special broadcast throughout the world -- with the added bonus that the Chinese do not have to pay Snowden the million or more they offered him.


A number of posts about Snowden can be found at Phi Beta Iota, but we have stopped posting on him against the real possibility that all discussion is in direct aid to the Chinese objective. Here is the RECAP with all the links:

Xi to Obama: This Is Me Being Inscrutable -- LOL! + Snowden RECAP + US Cyber-Idiocy RECAP


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