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Tech questionplease?

How can you tell if your cell is being hacked/monitored? In my call log, there is a 24 digit number as an outgoing call that I didn't place. The number continuously scrolls across the screen while the call log is open.

Any ideas?

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24 digit number

Occam's razor. Consider the simple and mundane first.

Sounds like a call to an automated menu system that required entry of digits. Like when you call your bank to do a balance inquiry. See if you recognize any of the digits past the 11th as part of your social, birth date, credit card #, etc. If not data, then probably voice menu choices.

Unless you are some kind of influential celebrity who they want to gain leverage against, they are not going to bother listening to you.

All voice data is stored to search on later, but real time intercepts have to be targeted and a human has to waste time eavesdropping. Personally, I'd be amused if some NSA guy who is probably making more money than me were wasting his time listening to my inane phone calls.

Haven't you heard the

Haven't you heard the news?

They are all tapped, enjoy.


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