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Ron Paul for Supreme Court and Electoral Reform Act of 2013 - Make Obama an Offer He Cannot Refuse!

I'm slowly getting over Ron Paul not breaking with the Republican crime family to run with Dennis Kucinich (who also refused to break with his own crime family). We MUST destroy the two-party tyranny and I think I have two good ideas that merit consideration by the group and then promulgation if found worthy.

FIRST: Electoral Reform Act of 2013, announced this summer, in time to flush Congress in 2014. What Obama gets is an end to the moron wing of the Republican Party keeping everything in grid-lock (and impeaching him eventually). What WE get is a clean slate with open access to all federal ballots.

SECOND: Ron Paul to the Supreme Court. I've wanted to see him there, ideally have being the LAST Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Pitch this to Obama as a means of gutting the extremist wing of the Republican Party.

I have posted a full piece with links at the title and link below. I would be very glad to see some attention to the ideas.

Robert Steele: Saving Obama, the USG, & the Republic — Proposal for the Electoral Reform Act of 2013 – and Ron Paul to the Supreme Court!


Now is not the time to stop thinking and acting. I believe this is a do-able do, and the Libertarians will gain the most because they are the third largest party and the closest to the root nature of the Republic.