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NEW Whistleblower: Aurelia Fedenisn Being Targeted by State Department

Finally, The Layers of Coverup and Attempts to Quash at EVERY LEVEL are BROKEN!

To grasp the many LAYERS this story had to struggle through
begin at 3:26 mark


The above is MUCH better journalism.
The 'cat' is now out of the BAG...
This one below 'broke' (6 Hours later).. on one MSM...

Joseph Schmitz: State Department Retaliates Against Whistleblower


PS... She went to Ted Cruz before going to the Press... CBS
**crickets chirping**
then the Free Press got ahold of it...
and published.
then, (finally)
the MSM.

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So the pattern seems rather

So the pattern seems rather clear.

First, state dept employees, whether by intent or mistake, commit criminal acts. Second, when the investigations of those acts come to the attention of high level state dept authorities, they are quashed. Third, when someone blows the whistle on the quashing of the investigations, that person is demonized and/or criminal charges are brought against the whistle blower by the state dept authorities.

And why the hell has there been no IG at state for seven years?

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key take away point!

"And why the hell has there been no IG at state for seven years?"

No Inspector General... none... tells you something.
The massive State Department doesn't even bother or feel the need
to prop up a Sheriff... even for image sake.
That's how BAD and unaccountable things REALLY are.
They're not even worried about appearances... they don't even bother anymore.

The 'State Department' is HUGE... the 'civilian' counterpart (in size) to the Department of Defense. They are both umbrellas over massive agencies running wild...

BUMP for UNpeeling a rotten onion!


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Interesting report!

No doubt this crap has been going on for decades, and the alternate media is driving the Gatekeepers to at least mention things they have covered up in the past.