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The NSA: What if YOU were a Foreign Citizen

They're FURIOUS!!!
What if YOU were a Foreign citizen or Company?

They claim that ANYONE who is a Foreign person OR COMPANY.. can be spied on by them (if there's a 'national interest' in doing so).
basically if you're a business that competes with American strategic businesses....
if you're are someone who is protesting against American Foreign policy....
if you're a journalist who breaks a story like that about PRISM...
if you're FOREIGN... the American government believes it has a RIGHT to spy on you.


Talk about Industrial Espionage... Talk about Corporitism...
Add: We (now) KNOW that 1000's of U.S. companies have 'agreements' with the NSA to SURRENDER data in EXCHANGE for 'intelligence'....
'intelligence' on WHAT???? **clock ticking**
Foreign competition!!
THINK ABOUT IT (and stop wrapping an American flag around it!)

Do you FATHOM what we're talking about????????????????
This is FACISM on STEROIDS.... GLOBAL FASCISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NSA is the Supreme Enabler.


ALWAYS: Follow the Money.

P.S. -- oh absolutely... it would work SPLENDIDLY domestically as well.

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I'm not paying my government

I'm not paying my government employees to engage in this type of activity. I'd rather pay them to sit in their cubicals all day literally jerking off.

Watch this movie "The Weight of Chains"

It will explain how and why Yugoslavia was wiped out to stop competition.

"Rather than trying to colonize the unsettled areas of the world, why not just create a mess, then fix it, then own a chunk of the world that was already developed and consuming.

They wanted a Yugoslavia, who's rich natural resources would be at the disposal of multinational corporations, who's population would work at subsistence wages, who's economy offered no competition with the existing capitalist producers, and only new investment opportunities.

They wanted a Yugoslavia who's petroleum, engineering, mining, and automotive industries would be undone and de-industralized, and they wanted to abolish Yugoslavia's public sector services and social programs.

And they did it!"

yes... YES!

I get it.
I KNOW it's an 'old' game... they're doing it in Africa as we speak.
Same thing.
With the NSA capability... the demolition of 'competition' and consolidation into the multi's will be relentless.
Privacy is one thing...
but it's ALWAYS about the money. Always.

Exactly... That's what it was about with Yugoslavia!

The documentary explains how its done.

shameless bump

gonna bump this... it's important.