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Why Don't Marriage Licenses Have Expiration Dates?

My friend Tammy was telling me the latest chapter in the custody battles she and her boyfriend have both gone through. After a few minutes of her droning my brain slipped into a deep delta wave state and this fell out of my mouth:

"Why don't marriage licenses have expiration dates?"

Seems logical enough - every other type of license expires after a period. The government isn't going to butt out of marriage anytime soon and this would provide another revenue source through the arbitrary renewal fees they could charge every, say, five years.

It would also make divorce easier and cheaper, allowing the individuals to keep and spend their money instead of putting it in the pockets of lawyers who are more likely to, let's say, protect these funds from the tax man...

The option of a church wedding would still be available of course, in its non-expiring form.

What say you?

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The government does not

Want renewal fees because most people would not renew (lol), Instead the government wants you to stay married so you pay the marriage tax.

Do your best have no expectations

Love it!

It could be like the sports world. There could be websites dedicated to the upcoming "free agents".

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Once the gov gets wind of your idea then there WILL be x-dates..

especially if they remember they can charge you a new "fee" to "renew" your marriage license. As a single person, who enjoys being single, I am sort of surprised we don't get charged a fee for the "privilege" of being single.


Contrary to popular belief

A couple need not get a marriage license to be married.

more government wont be a

more government wont be a good answer.

They do expire

The license itself allows for two people to be legally married through a ceremony performed by an authorized person, whereupon they receive a certificate of marriage. The license itself expires if not used to perform a marriage within a given amount of time. The license says you can be married, the certificate is what says you are married. Many states probably just use the same piece of paper.

Thanks for clearing that up...

so i guess maybe the certificates should have expiration dates then...

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An end to the license won't

An end to the license won't help with the custody battle. That is never settled until the kids are 18.

"Til Death Do Us Part"

Expiration Date: "Til Death Do Us Part"

Liberty Vigilante


Thats the church part.

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Short term marriages

I used to know a priest of Our Lady of Eternal Combustion who performed short term marriages. The happy couple could specify a duration, from 30 minutes to two weeks I think it was. I remember a few words from the wedding vows: "... for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, but not for long."

I just now found his website.

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