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Al Gore makes welcome remarks against NSA spying

Yes, I'm aware this is Al Gore we're talking about, but he makes some good solid comments here.


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As Joe Bastardi so eloquently

As Joe Bastardi so eloquently put it;

Joe Bastardi ‏@BigJoeBastardi
This proves my point about these people being no more than climatic ambulance chasers.


I was blown away!

Shocked! DP, this is a must read. I can't believe Al Gore just defended the Constitution! He even quoted Ben Franklin on sacrificing liberty for security. I really liked this one:

"I think that the Congress and the administration need to make some changes in the law and in their behaviour so as to honour and obey the constitution of the United States," he said. "It is that simple."

He called them to the carpet pretty good. Never been a big Al Gore fan, but I gotta give credit where it is due. My hope is that the Administration hearing it from one of their own predecessors like this might give them some pause and rethink blanket surveillance. (Doubt it though:/) This article is definitely worth your time to read. Thx Velveeta.

I was also floored by his

I was also floored by his directness and especially his criticism of "polls" driving decisions instead of the Constitution...I cannot recall any high-profile Democrats saying such a thing before.