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Politico: Facebook, Microsoft reporting NSA request numbers

In last six months of last year, Facebook says info on 18K+ accounts turned over, MS 31K+.

No info on the actual data elements turned over, or on the targets of course.


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You know they can stream the

You know they can stream the data in real time, but this is the info they wanted to probably dig deeper on. Pretty scary shit. I think a user should have the right to know they requested data on you.

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This is misleading. Listen to

This is misleading. Listen to the original interview. NSA has direct access to the servers. Also, they have access to the internet backbones. The numbers referred above represent only additional data channel from the same source

By design, they had expectation that "official" data requests will be public (in case somebody asks). 18K accounts for Facebook had to be decoy number, for those who are extra curious.

There is a possibility that NSA, CIA etc. itself are compartmentalized, where the lowest rank public servants work with the "official" data requests.

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It's still unclear whether

It's still unclear whether NSA has direct access to the servers. NSA ppt slides provided by Snowden suggest they do, providers say they don't. This needs to be resolved.

My take is that these numbers reported here appear to be for secondary, more specific data requests AFTER the NSA culled through the millions of records collected via the "Verizon method".

We need to know exactly what data elements were requested and provided, and who was targeted (i.e. was there any political targeting?)

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The thing is, "access" to

The thing is, "access" to data isn't enough because these companies each have their information organized in ways that have evolved with their companies in their own unique ways. One company's data set isn't compatible with another's typically. That's why I have to laugh every time I hear the NSA has server access. All of that data is fairly useless unless it is formatted or translated into a common, usable form for the NSAs big data analysis. So, this info is definitely culled and organized by the companies beforehand, IMO.