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"There Is NO Threat To America When I Talk To My Mother" Alan Grayson

Go get'em Alan. :)


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How do we get him on the

How do we get him on the debate stage with Hillary in the primary?

Alan Grayson was also very

Alan Grayson was also very good with the questioning of Geithner and the housing bubble bust stuff. I'm Glad he won back his seat again.

Maybe we can sell the white

Maybe we can sell the white elephant NSA Utah Data Center to China or North Korea?

Psst, hey Grayson

Psst, Hey Grayson...
I think the best way to preserve LIBERTY (specifically the 4th Amendment), the one you and your cohorts swore to protect, uphold, and defend, is to stop feeding the NSA.
Where are they getting their funds from?
It's you Grayson, why not just close shop and send them all home.
That ought to show America and the rest of the world that's what will happen when you start screwing with our Constitution.
Is there a 2nd, to my motion Mr. Grayson?

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I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

I salute you Grayson, both

I salute you Grayson, both for caring, researching, and educating.

I stand with you on, this, cause

There Are Two Faces To Grayson: I Like This One Best

I wish he would decide which face he is going to use...He has a masculine and femiine side..One is Pro liberty the other is not..

I'm getting dizzy! Alan, stop confusing me!

My feminine side

is pro-liberty

Defend Liberty!

I think there should be a

I think there should be a whistleblower protection act. If something violates the constitution and is obviously an egregious assault to our liberty you will be protected. How many will step forward then? Or is it pointless to say a corrupt congress can protect you?

the problem with that is...

...the people who would be having the whistle blown on them would be the ones passing that "law". Will never happen. At this point I'm convinced the only way to fix it is to get rid of most of the government... if not all of it.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Please sign Rep. Grayson's "Mind Your Own Business Act"

petition: http://mindyourownbusinessact.com/

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Chilling effect

I bet a lot of people have gone to this page, and Rand Paul's lawsuit page and don't even want to sign up because they feel like they'll just be putting themselves in the cross-hairs.



Democrat should be listed as a mental illness

This the same guy who fully supports Obamacare

I don't get it
He seems very intelligent
Seems to hate big government intrusion and corruption
But he supports the biggest, most intrusive, most bankrupting, and most corrupt - big government fiasco in history.


Grayson does not 'pose' as something he is not.
others... who masquerade.
Grayson does not sign his letters 'Yours in Liberty'.
I have more respect for Grayson.

I don't get it either! But I

I don't get it either! But I can say the same thing about Rand Paul too.

juan maldonado

he also joined with ron paul

in 2010 to audit the FED.