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High School Dropouts


The article is a list of high school dropouts. A few examples:

Jim Clark – self-made billionaire American businessman; founder of Netscape – first Internet billionaire

Andrew Jackson – 7th U.S. President; face is pictured on the U.S. twenty dollar bill (13, U.S. Continental Army; orphaned at 14; little formal education; home schooling/life experience; studied law in his late teens and became a lawyer

Walter L. Smith – former president of Florida A& M University (equivalency diploma, at age 23.

Peter Jennings – Canadian-born American television journalist; evening news anchorman

Dave Thomas the founder of Wendys
Albert Einstein
Thomas Edison
Virgin’s Richard Branson

Philip Emeagwali – supercomputer scientist; one of the pioneers of the Internet (high-IQ high-school dropout; left school in native Nigeria due to war conditions and lack of tuition money; continued to study on his own and earned an equivalency diploma; later won a scholarship to Oregon College of Education in the United States; transferred after one year to Oregon State University)

Alan Gerry is another billionaire high school dropout. Gerry 71 also filled his bank account by exploiting a new technology. In 1956, ten years after he dropped out of high school, Gerry built the first cable television network in upstate New York. He made his fortune in this new market, and then sold his company, Cablevision, to Time Warner for $2.6 billion four years ago. Now Gerry is chairman of a venture capital firm called Granite Associates. Granite funds entrepreneurs trying to make their money in burgeoning technology industries, just as Gerry made his fortune by getting into cable when it was still in its infancy.

When you have a brilliant idea, nobody is going to ask to see your diploma, Gerry says. You don't need a four-year college degree if you have burning ambition or a great plan.

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If you want to be a worker,

If you want to be a worker, then you need to have a piece of paper saying you're good enough. Me, I don't have any ambition to do anything great or entrepreneurial. I just want to be able to be able to have a family, be the only one working, and put in only 40 hours a week. You can't even be successful at a job now unless you do extra crap like go to softball games and other non-paid functions. There's a work life, and a personal life. I want a work life restricted to 40 hours a week. Period. This absolutely CANNOT be done in a self-taught manner. You NEED degrees to accomplish this. The only way to be well off now without the system is to have a great idea that will make tons of money and to lead.

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I have a similar outlook to

I have a similar outlook to life as what you just stated, but i do believe one can have the ability to self teach, with an unrestricted access to education through the internet, where one actively and naturally becomes interested and researches, the very thing that interests them, i never learned about the constitution through shool, or the little history i know now, i was exposed to them over the years of my life, through words, through media, from those who even then, cared about our liberties, but not limited by "then", ive come to realise only now, it left a mark on my life, how do i know this now.......im on the dailypaul writing about things like THIS

Its about learning what you love, and picking up the rest, the very process of learning what you love, helping you pick up the rest.......i think it is deffinatly possible, but i dont think its deffinatly instant....im thinking generational

:) You made me think, sorry if i was unknowingly confrontational, i think both sides are capable, the established and the untried, both can be good, and both can be bad.......but i think the untried is a path that would trully change the world

good - bad? i dont know
What, i THINK!?

I think weve been told to many times if we dont do a certain thing a certain way, that the world would naturally fall into chaos, that we at some point, started to believe that the case......what i think, is, that we all have the natural instinct to life, and that we would TRY to make it WORK.......so essentially, WHAT WE HAVE NOW........except a way where EVERYONE has the same rights, that opposition will only come from those who believe in power, corruption, greed, war, essentially, imagine a real world x marks the spot on their foreheads........to naturelly identify, not implications of violence, if that is what you got from that

Edit. wow, sorry, that was pretty long and i believe, over general, as i said, you made me think, and i thank thee for it :)

I think you can self-teach,

I think you can self-teach, too, but those skills don't matter for shit to employers unless you have a piece of paper saying you have them. At least that's how it is here in PA. I heard it is more lax in places like California, but that's no kind of society for me. It would be nice if one could just go to a school, take a test, and get a degree.

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Youve touched on something

Youve touched on something ive had a few thoughts on already, except i hold a different opinion. What id would hope to see, but not expect it to be, is the mindset of the employers changing, the way i hope things play out, that one or two, WILL change, WILL start doing things differently, after bringing understanding of liberty into their heart, some might go to great lengths, some might go to moderate lengths, it doesnt matter, as long as lengths are attepmted, and hopefully startingt a snowball effect, if we are right in thinking that unrestricted, these people more open to liberty, more open to free market, would thrive in their ventures, creating jobs, and having peoples rights in the forefront of being employed by such a person running the business, a good company, with happy employees.....for now, i blieve that is the start of this new idealogical world, at least its one step of many to achieve

Sorry if this sounds like gibberish, i think your after a more current substantial solutions, while im given you an idealogical view......saying that, i might disagree in their only being one way, i am glad that we are thinking about the same thing, a kindrid feeling......probably completly wrong, you may think me a fool with my flighty ideals, which is cool :) i see it

This new world we're entering

This new world we're entering is the opposite of liberty or anything good. This little uptick we're seeing right now with DIY stuff is temporary.

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Ira Freeman

After never failing a class in my life, I dropped out in the last semester of my senior year to take a job, never regretted it for a minute, even though many tried to guilt me into it!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

You don't need

"When you have a brilliant idea, nobody is going to ask to see your diploma, Gerry says. You don't need a four-year college degree if you have burning ambition or a great plan."

You don't need a four year degree, period. The system in place wants you to have one, but you, yourself, do not need a degree. Formal 'education' is a special interest.

I think a list of famous

I think a list of famous college dropouts might also be appropriate, starting with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Frank Lloyd Wright, Buckminster Fuller....