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Interesting bit on Olbermann

I know this is minor, but watching the introduction to Countdown with Keith Olbermann tonight I noticed something interesting. A Paul shot actually made it but you couldn't really see him. The only way I could tell it was Dr. Paul was by the fingers gripping the mic.

There was a graphic of individual screen shots in a circular rotation of the 5 remaining GOP candidates. Instead of allowing Dr. Paul's face and body to be seen, they placed the background from another candidate's shot overlapping Paul's shot thus making him unnoticeable.

How long has the American media been so pathetic? They are actually playing a bigger part in the election than the candidates themselves. From the Hillary, Bill, Obama feud, to the "front-runner" Giuliani coverage, to the down-playing of McCain's stance on war, it's simply pathetic.

I don't think it matters how much money some of these candidates have, the MSM will still give them disproportionate free advertising as they see fit. It's just a big old Soap Opera to them and they seem to have omnipotent control over the story line.

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There will be a reckoning

The longer they put off Dr Paul the worse it will be. Its like hiding your report card. Eventually they will have to say "well...we're down to 2 candidates and alot of you are wondering 'who is Ron Paul?'" (and why have we suppressed him so long?)It wont be pretty.