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New Study Says Men Are Cause Of Menopause

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Why do women go into menopause?

“The ovaries basically shut down,” explains West Penn Hospital OBGYN Dr. Emily Lebovitz. “Why exactly that occurs we don’t know.”

Around age 50, women end their reproductive years — an event called menopause. Hormones change, menstrual cycles stop, and natural childbearing is no longer a possibility.

Menopause could be nature’s way of matching motherhood to younger bodies.

“It’s certainly healthier for them to have children in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and then it becomes much more difficult,” Dr. Lebovitz continues.

But a Canadian researcher says it’s because of men, and because of competition.

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I don't see the connection

Even if I accepted the survival of the fittest theories in whole, I still wouldn't see the connection. It would be in the man's genetic interests to look for a younger woman, but that doesn't have any advantage for the aging woman.

Women are born with all their eggs. There's a drop in egg quality. From the evolutionist's view, it should follow that a woman's energy is better spent helping to keep grandchildren alive than risking her health on a pregnancy that might not even work out due to poorer quality eggs or menstruating when that represents a loss of blood, too.

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