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Thought Virus: Snowden was right to expose NSA, but should be punished!

In this rant below, Jon Rappoport identifies the source of this insane thought virus as the Surveillance State itself...
"...about Ed Snowden. Yes, it was all right that he exposed NSA but…he should have stayed in America and faced the music.

What?!? A mind-boggling assessment to say the least. However, it’s really based on a perception, true or false, that Snowden is currently running around free, uncontrolled.

And that he has no right to be, because nobody does, outside the range and reach of government.

Freedom is the wild card. “Order must take its place.” That’s what the Surveillance State is all about.

“We’ve got these biological machines called humans running around out there and it’s crazy. They’re possibly in possession of something called FREEDOM which is too horrible to contemplate, because I, an obsessive problem solver, long ago sacrificed MY OWN FREEDOM on the altar of…I’ve forgotten. Anyway, wait a minute, these biological machines don’t really have freedom, they’re running on faulty programs….YES, THAT’S IT, and the programs have to be changed, ONCE AND FOR ALL!! Yes, that feels better. There is no such thing as freedom.”

“Yes, that’s it. No one is free, it’s all a delusion. There are only good and bad programs, and these billions of human machines are running on bad programs…so we need one central program, one CENTRAL PROGRAM for everybody, and then order will prevail and coordination will prevail, and peace will prevail.”

“In order to develop such a program, we need Total Surveillance. We need to observe all these biological machines in their crazy lives, 24/7, wherever they go, whatever they do….and then we can collate that information and analyze it and come up with a solution. Algorithms. A better program. An all-encompassing program. Then we can insert it into the behavior of every human.”

The Surveillance State is based on a psychology and a philosophy that has this view of life and human beings.

That’s what we’re dealing with. Nothing less.

Mass mind control. Operant conditioning. Coercion.

In Orwell’s 1984, that’s what “Big Brother is watching you” was all about. The Surveillance State wasn’t merely curious. It wasn’t merely trying to stamp out terrorists. It was part and parcel of control."

read the rest here:

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I am sure Snowden would agree, PROVIDED...

All the traitors, war criminals and collaborators in government and the mainstream medium were tried for treason and war crimes.

Virtually no one watches MSM

Virtually no one watches MSM TV news anymore. The intent of MSM was to to keep the public in a brainwashed state, believing their false manufactured reality. Fortunately virtually no one knows anything about what is going on in Syria these days and has no clue of this imaginary red line that the president says has been crossed. Just as well, it's just fake manufactured reality to sell more war and war products that we don't need or want.

The vast majority that are interested in national and world news get their information from the internet, where they can more easily discern fact from fiction, especially with the use of crowd sourcing.

All these internet spying censorship programs are designed to re-capture and win the information war so brainwashing with the false reality can continue. Good luck with that.

Why virtually everyone knows about the NSA spying scandal is because it directly affects everyone, and that's why people have opened their minds to learning about it, and it's an interesting subject to talk about.

Even though the government spying on everyone was known in small circles before, It wasn't News till it became Common knowledge.

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the elimination of "individual free will"

As someone with a Ph.D. in experimental psychology, most of my graduate professors worshiped B.F. Skinner, the father of operant conditioning. I accepted the premise that when explaining animal behavior, all you needed to know were the environmental controls, be it punishment or reinforcement, but I never could accept the notion that "free will" was simply a delusion of the mind, at least with regard to my own choices in life. Only in the past few years, in my quest to understand why so many people can't seem to conceptualize what "liberty" truly means, I now realize that they have accepted, perhaps unconsciously, that "free will" is an illusion.

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds. - Bob Marley

I have a friend who was a psychology major.

We've had a few conversations about free will. It was a bit Skinner-centric, but what I found very interesting is that her dog was crazy and out of control. Don't get me wrong, it was nice enough, but I sure as hell wouldn't trust it with my kids or something. If I could say one thing about that dog, it would be that despite all its conditioning, it had free will. Conversely, I have a dog that, is the sweetest thing despite me letting her walk all over us. She's got free will too.