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Shmuckabee Push Poll Alert

I just got a call at 7:55pm EST in Ocala, FL. A push poll IVR that started off with a question about favorability towards Bush.

Then it asked of the Republican Candidates who would you choose, and it didnt even list Ron Paul. Then it asked a few issue questions and bashed McCain and Romney. Then asked if I trusted Huckabee more than the others knowing their records.

Then it asked another issue question, rinse and repeat the previous. Then finally asked if I wanted someone who was more closer to the people, and painted McCain as a DC insider millionaire, Romney as a Multi-Millioanre trying to buy the presidency, and played the poor boy card to get you to feel sorry for Huckabee.

Then it said thank you for your time, paid for by Common Sense Issues (which is a 501(c)(4) that does work for Huckabee and I am under the impression has actually endorsed him as well, which after his "I don't know who is doing that push polling but they need to stop" statement, I think is funny.) the phone number is 703-378-7296 and the caller ID read: DR FE PR COM.

I am going to look into this some more.

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way to go schmuckster!

hope you do some damage before you drop out.

Me too..

I got the call around the same time. Overall, it was pretty lame. I'm glad they didn't mention RP because they would have attempted to discredit him in some way just like the other candidates.
Sarasota, FL

Ron Paul is my HERO!

with a name like schumckabee, it has to be good

Jeez, what a dirty player..He'll blame it on us somehow.
He does this in every state, does he not?

"I don't endorse anything they say"
~Ron Paul On the 911 Truth movement.

Good for us

Let them spend all of their money tearing each others hearts out. lol

NH reported getting those and I

must have gotten 6 or so Huck push polls here in Michigan and a couple pushing for McCain as well. I sent a complaint letter to the Michigan Atty. General to complain but, they are legal here (unlike New Hampshire).