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Joke about Mossad False Flag Flies at U.S. State Dept.

Joke about Mossad False Flag Flies at U.S. State Dept.
By Martin Hill
June 15, 2013


An official transcript of a U.S. State Department Daily Press Briefing has been uncovered in which participants joked about Israeli Mossad false flag operations. The untelevised 'Off-Camera Daily Press Briefing Index,' conducted on Monday, August 6, 2012 by Acting Deputy Spokesperson Patrick Ventrell involved questions regarding an attack at an Egyptian police station. In addition to this seemingly insignificant yet subtly revealing gem, there are also a great number of interesting exchanges at the U.S. State Department website which can be found by a query of specific keywords, such as "INSIDE JOB," "FALSE FLAG," "MOSSAD," "CONSPIRACY," and "FREEMASONRY." Among the vast topics, the State Dept. addresses 'an alleged international Jewish conspiracy,' The Rockefellers, the North American Union, the 9/11 false flag attacks carried out by Mossad/CIA, and many others. The State Dept. also repeats that false canard that Iran wants "wipe Israel off of the map" and addresses the lack of Weapons of Mass Desrtuction in Iraq. Unlike news reported in the mainstream media however, the State Department spokesmen in this collection never seem 'offended' or 'outraged' by questions about false flags, inside jobs, or Israeli involvement in various matters.[ARTICLE CONTINUES HERE: http://libertyfight.com/2013/us_state_sept_jokes_about_mossa...

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Interesting collection of

Interesting collection of articles but misleading title. They were joking about the Muslim Brotherhood who claimed Israel attacked a police station and then someone later joked that the Mossad was behind a swarm of bees that chased Clinton and her team in Africa.

Most of the rest comes from the Q&A the State Dept's disinformation and conspiracy theorist specialist held online.

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Well to be precise they did

Well to be precise they did not joke about the mossad attacking the Egyptian police station. a follow up was about the bee attack and they joked that "mossad may be behind that bee attack!"- hence they are joking about mossad false flags.

Only one out of the 10 state dept documents listed was a Q&A on conspiracy theories. The other 9 documents listed were from different press conferences in which false flags/mossad/911 type questions were asked.