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Michael Bane, famed GunWriter's Sarc.: Why are We giving Guns to Syrian AlQaeda w/out requiring Univ. Background Checks!

Friday Catch-Up

Michael Bane, Host & Producer of Outdoor Channel TV Shows
DownRange.TV Podcast
Friday, June 14, 2013

I'm a little puzzled why we're going to give small arms to Al Qaeda in Syria without requiring universal background checks on each one of those so-called "rebels." I mean, it's for all those little Middle Eastern children, isn't it? And is there gong to be a registry of the serial numbers of all those small arms so we can trace them back to the individual terrorist we gave the guns to when those guns are used against Americans — as they inevitably will be? And I'm concerned that those containers full of small arms being shipped Al Qaeda Syria may all feature magazines with a magazine capacity greater than 10 rounds! And real assault weapons! Have you seen any of the Syrian videos? Hell, they don't even aim! Where is Michael Bloomberg on all this? Why isn't HuffPo up in arms? It's only common sense!

I'm sorry, but we've dumped enough blood into that sand, and I don't see any flowers blooming. And am I the only person who thinks it's time to box up Senator John McCain and have him UPS'ed to Uzbekistan, the Moon, or anywhere as far from the United States as possible? I was backed into a corner to support him for President, but he's like some aging rogue elephant crashing into trees, farms, cars, everything.

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Well said!

Well said!

I bet obama gives them plenty

I bet obama gives them plenty of ammo too even though it seems to be hard to get in the usa.

Yes, they're planning on supplying ammo.

Washington (CNN) -- The United States plans to send small arms, ammunition and potentially anti-tank weapons to Syria's rebels, two officials familiar with the matter told CNN on Friday.


Funny how they can cough up ammo for those rebels when people here, including law enforcement, are having problems getting it.

Maybe DHS is sharing some of their 2 billion rounds.

People keep saying "WE"

Why are "We" giving Guns to Syrian AlQaeda and on and on.

We didn't do squat! Our Representatives that are suppose to do right by the Americans Citizens are NOT doing their Job because, they are either incompetent or, they are "Go along to get along Cowards".
We may have elected some of these Representatives BUT, that no longer makes it WE, since "they" are the ones that are NOT doing right by us Americans Citizens "they" represent.

Both Sides Have Good and Bad Guys

We shouldn't be involved. Isn't our country or issue.

Excellent Post!

Great big high five for pointing out the elephant in the room...

...that our gov't has no problem indiscriminately handing guns over to them, yet when it comes to Americans, our gov't is falling all over itself to try to impose gun control on us.

Something wrong with that picture.



Good for you

Michael Bane.