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Man crushed under Istanbul police TOMA truck: "I'm dying" - disturbing video

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Ronald Reagan

“Perhaps we didn’t appreciate fully enough the depth of the hatred and the complexity of the problems that made the Middle East such a jungle. Perhaps the idea of a suicide car bomber committing mass murder to gain instant entry to Paradise was so foreign to our own values and consciousness that it did not create in us the concern for the marines’ safety that it should have.

“In the weeks immediately after the bombing, I believe the last thing that we should do was turn tail and leave. Yet the irrationality of Middle Eastern politics forced us to rethink our policy there. If there would be some rethinking of policy before our men die, we would be a lot better off. If that policy had changed towards more of a neutral position and neutrality, those 241 marines would be alive today.”

Reagan, R. (1990). An American life: The Autobiography. New York, NY: Pocket Books.

hey adap2k, heres someone

hey adap2k, heres someone who appreciates this post

treated as terrorist

Everyone who enters the Taksim Square to be treated as terrorist: Turkish EU minister

Who agrees with this and why? Quite curious.

This matter has no bearing on US security

The sole purpose of the military should be to defend the continental US rather than play policemen over the entire globe. This is none of our concern.

I didn't hear anyone on the left or right stand up when the sanctions imposed on Iraq during the Clinton Administration killed over 500,000 children (BTW, that's over 15,000 times the number of children that died at Sandy Hook). As a matter of fact, Madeline Albright said publicly, "It is worth it."

However, if just a few children die domestically, the entire nation should be disarmed.

ppl need to take their v for

ppl need to take their v for vendetta masks out they ass and realize that when large groups of people live together, sometimes police have to maintain order and sometimes people get hurt. just because a crowd has collected in a public place doesn't mean its the start of Teh revolution against the NwO. stop jumping on the coattails of every disgruntled mob that pops its head up anywhere in the world..
wanna do something bold? champion a group who's toubles are absent from twitter and the msm, like the south africans getting butchered for their farms who officially don't exist. don't jump on the bandwagon of every popularly championed herd of smelly protesters because u need to leech off their public disorder or try to share their minor martyrdoms.

thats my 3 cents

I don't disagree with you, but

You come off as though you're implying we can't discuss the matter or else we're giving cause to invade their country for "their good."

I think this atrocity is a good example of what we can expect here in the states.

thank you!

thank you!

i bet if someone pointed out

i bet if someone pointed out these pictures were from syria and were syrian rebels everyone would lose interest since the syrian rabble w/ american guns and funding aren't popular here.

it seems like bored europeans and american pants weetting leftists can't find a riot or mob in the middle east they don't support, or even in their own countries.

they especially like foreign riots and mobs from a distyance that they don't have to smell or mingle with. in their own countries, they like to bend over for a$ S inspections at the airport though. yall are fun.

the attitude seems to be that any crowd or mob of discontented people, no matter their cause or backing, who gather with the intention to break something are lauded as noble, while any attempt to maintain order and law anywhere in the world, whatever the reason, is a sign of descending tyranny.

some of you just want to see stuff get broke on youtube and dont care how why or by who. kind of a neocon "wreck the world to save the world" mentality, no?

I wish the Turkish people had

I wish the Turkish people had guns like Americans for these types of situations.

Country Guns per 100

Country Guns per 100 residents (2007) ------- rank

Turkey 12.5 ------- 52


Vicarious emotional

Vicarious emotional engagement in foreign political violence and disorder seems to be a form of sport for western urbanite Twitterers and other impotent mental defectives... pick the side that seems to be outgunned, find a picture of a scared child, tweet it or make a blog post about it... from a safe coffee shop, and enjoy the rush of excitement, the moral self satisfaction and a temporary sense of meaning in an otherwise dull and meaningless life.

I have no idea whats going on in Turkey, but this picture is surely not going to make me pick one side or the other or in any way influence my judgement about it. It just lowers my opinion of western journos and bloggers.

I know what is happening in

I know what is happening in Turkey and I wont bother to do the research for you.

You offered crap and supposition as a response.

You said: this picture is surely not going to make me pick one side or the other or in any way influence my judgement.

Well good for you, I did not realize this post was about you. And also good for you, you have an independent mind . Pat yourself on the back for me pal.

Mental defectives? Shall I take this personally? And if so , who the F are you to judge me? I do not know you, nor do you know me.

This makes me wonder how we can win this fight when the only source of manhood being displayed these days is an internet bully.

I would gather it has to do something with a small member and or lack of a healthy sexual outlet.

haha hit a nerve? u just

haha hit a nerve?

u just posted a pic and link my comment was about the content not the copy and paster

Personal or not,

Personal or not, your statement on this is ignorant at best. There is an obvious attempt to make this some type of leftist position and it seems you wish to devalue its worth here on DP.

This appears to show more about your character , than the topic itself.

End of transmission.

so what is the picture

so what is the picture supposed to tell us? that the law doesn't apply if someone gets hurt? that its my business if the turkish police disperse a mob? that i can decide what laws are valid in turkey because i saw a video on youtube?

thats my point u seem to be butthurt cus i commented on your post... its nothing against you all you did was copy a link you shouldn't take offense, you were just like the paper boy.

The child above

The child above was in a hotel people used for protection from the police. The police entered the hotel and just opened up on everyone.

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